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Travel Guide to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Travel
Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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Eastern Europe Travel Guide

MarvaoGuide.com - Your Travel Guide to Eastern and Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide
  • Eastern Europe Travel Guide

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Backpacking in Eastern Europe

Head East to Experience the Delights of Europe on a Shoestring Budget!

One of the many benefits of backpacking in Eastern Europe is being able to gain an insight into the culture and history of the region, all on a tight travel budget. Eastern Europe offers beautiful cities strewn with superb cafés, restaurants, bars and cheap hostels, making it an increasingly popular destination for gap year students and other budget travelers.

Eastern Europe Tours

Discover the hidden secrets of Eastern Europe

Bukovina Painted Churches

Moldavia (Bukovina) is located in the northeastern part of Romania. The region is famous for its painted monasteries. Their painted exterior walls were decorated mainly in the 15th- and 16th-centuries. Among them seven churches - Patrauti Monastery, Humor Monastery, Arbore Monastery, Voronet Monastery, Moldovita Monastery, Probota Monastery and Church of St George in Suceava - were inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993. These seven churches in northern Moldavia are unique in Europe. There frescoes represent complete cycles of religious murals on all facades and they are considered masterpieces of Byzantine Art.

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Eastern Europe Travel Destinations

This site offers travel information about the Central and Eastern European Regions; discover destinations in 21 countries in Eastern Europe: from Tallinn in the north to Istanbul in the south and from Kiev in the east to Vienna in the west.

This travel guide provides a useful source for you with which to find travel information on these countries, and to identify the most interesting historical, cultural and natural locations in Eastern Europe. Explore the most beautiful cities – which have rich historical and cultural heritage - seaside resorts, mountain areas, national parks, world heritage sites and the hidden treasures of the Central-Eastern European region.

You will find travel and practical information on attractions, museums, monuments and on sightseeing with thousands of travel pictures. Discover the diversity of the Balkans, the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey, and much, much more.



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