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The region of Normandy is located in Northern France. The area has an important historic past in that in 1944, it was where thousands of soldiers came on D-Day. It is a popular tourist location not only for the history but also for the rugged natural beauty of the Normandy coast and traditional French feel.

Rouen, Tower and facade of Notre Dame cathedral

History of Normandy

Normandy has a very impressive history linked to the war. On June 6, 1944, thousands of D-Day soldiers roamed the beaches of Normandy and battled the Nazi army. There are now numerous cemeteries, battle sites and memorials across the region due to the impact of this famous battle.

Travelling to Normandy

There are plenty of options for travelling to Normandy. Good road networks, a railway, ferries and nearby airports make getting there easy. Ferry services run from southern UK ports to Caen, Cherbourg, Dieppe and Le Havre. Trains run from Paris to Normandy as do internal flights.


Normandy has plenty of accommodation options that suit all budgets. These options include chateaux’s, farm houses as well as different standards of hotels. A popular accommodation option in this region is to rent a holiday home although you have to be quick to get one. Campsites are a great option if you are thinking o moving around the area to get a feel for the whole place.

Sights and Attractions

The main features in Normandy are the historic war memorials and cemeteries that offer an insight on the extremity of the war. Other popular sightseeing places to visit are the various towns in Normandy. Visit Bayeux and see the replica of the Bayeux tapestry that provides knowledge into the battles of William the Conqueror.


Many Brits travel across to Normandy discount food and beverage products and then head back to the UK. Tourists from the UK often holiday in Normandy purely for the shopping. The flea market in Caen attracts antique enthusiasts and collectors from the whole area. There are plenty of standard high street shops as well as traditional markets and smaller unique stores all over Normandy.

Dining Choices

Normandy is the same as almost everywhere in France as far as food is concerned. The cuisine is spectacular offering a range of international dishes, fresh seafood and delicious cheeses. The wine in the region is world renowned and a must have. Try a meal that contains one of the regions famous cheeses of Camembert, Pont l’Evęque, and Liverot.