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Albufeira is the most popular of all the cities in the Algarve region. It is on the coast. It has a residential population of about 17,000. It is the most cosmopolitan destiny for tourists from all over the world. It is very accessible and offers a great holiday for people of all ages.What then can you expect?

Albufeira, Fishermans beach

There are all types of activities available to the tourist.  From the town centre you can go left or right and find a huge selection of beaches. There are more beaches than in any other city in Portugal. You can go windsurfing. You can go kite surfing. And before you go you can have a clear picture of the wind direction and force for the day for your greater safety and enjoyment.You can play your round of golf or practise your skills on the tennis courts.

You can go swimming or just sit and relax on any of the more than twenty sheltered beaches which are considered to be the best in Portugal, and sit on your deck chair soaking up the sun.You can go on one of the many pleasure boats or even hire a boat for yourself from a large selection in the marinas. You can rent a car and drive around as much as you like.

Albufeira Oura beach

Accommodation is very plentiful. There are more than one hundred and fifty hotels where you can stay or you can rent a family or small house close to the centre and beaches or on the outskirts of the city from where you can easily venture into the countryside.  Here you can go mountain climbing or walking or cycling. If you are of the equestrian genre you can go horseriding.

Daytime life is excellent and varied. But so is the night life. The town you experienced during the day becomes a city at night as tourists, overfilling the bars and clubs, stand and sing and chat and drink and listen to all the different languages outside in the streets.

Albufeira resort

You can find everything you want here in the bars and clubs. In fact you will experience a kind of life that you never knew existed and try to make up for what you have missed out of in the past. There is a new world that you have never experienced, or even knew existed, before you came here.

What else can you get here? Like all the other thousands of visitors and tourists you too will experience a strong determination to return here  again next year.