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To rent an apartment near Paris is a great idea, If you plan to make a long stay there. It will be certainly a great experience to explore more about Paris. You can get to know more about the culture and the local people. You can have special delicious food and have a glimpse of the most famous Royal Gardens!


It wont be a good idea to approach travel companies to arrange accommodation for you. Since it will cost you a more with their so called Premium holiday packages.Best idea would be to search on the internet and directly approaching the companies in the Paris, You can do so by searching Google with appropriate keywords like Paris apartments or Rent Paris apartments. This will fetch you list of more companies and option to choose from. You can select any one based on the budget or location in Paris.You can book the apartments in advance and enjoy a relaxing and exciting holiday.

You can opt for small apartments with attached kitchen or the flats which has many rooms.These have Tv, Washing machine, microwave etc and also internet access and similar facilities and it is easy to rent Paris Apartments.

Where to stay ?

Well you need to be careful about selecting the apartment. You should consider its location and price and distance etc. You need to be familiar with the geography of Paris. You can see the map, Paris is divided into 20 districts. The central districts are very expensive and even a small studio apartment would cost you more than 500euro. You can select apartment from 10th to 14th districts which are quite cheaper. A good accommodation would cost you around 1000euro. The time you stay in Paris is the main factor to decide the cost of apartments.

One should be wise in selecting an apartment and it should be given prime attention while planing a holiday in the City of Love!