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On the river of Rhone in Provence there is the region of this famous charming town called Arles. Its history dates back to Roman times and we can see some very well-preserved monuments of that era, including Roman amphitheater or arenas. Some of them are included into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 1981.

In the past, there were numerous fights between gladiators and arenas housed on the corridor of bulls later today provides space for concerts, opera and theater for 20,000 spectators. The peculiarity of this building I think that is an amphitheater considered “active” as opposed to other type only museum “and maybe so has built reputation in modern times. It was used as a film location for several films, including “Ronin” with Robert De Niro and Jean Reno.

Arles, Old Roman Arena

The charm of this “provincial town” is represented by the bohemian spirit of “nonchalance” that contributes to the great number of visitors, who are mostly artists, and they leave their personal imprint in the soul of this location. Vincent van Gogh and he lived between here and the (re) found his inspiration to create over 300 paintings and sketches, including the famous “Still Life: Vase with 15 sunflowers,” “Room at Arles” ” Via red “,” Paul Gaugain’s seat, “” Postman, “” Night CafĂ© “, which today are scattered in the largest museums in the world.

Otherwise, Arles is a cosmopolitan tourist town but an exciting summer destination as well, where you can spend time meditating, trying the famous wine from the region of Rhone and Cote de Provence Cote and enjoying the sweet scent carried by a breeze from the waves of lavender purple that are ubiquitous throughout the region.

Arles city centre

Arles is famous because of language, created by Frederic Mistral Arlaten Museon, folk costumes and people. Traditions are preserved and shared with holiness groups of enthusiasts during the festival – coronation of Queen’s Course satin, Pegoulado procession, the festival of national costumes, festival rice, etc..

Feria of Easter festivals in July and September, international seminars in photography festival “Les Suds, of Arles” Peplum film festival are just some of the attractions that particular city season between March and October.

All in all, this destination is a spectacular one and you will surely enjoy visiting it every time you decide to travel to France. So make sure you include it in your plans the next time you make travel arrangements for this region.