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Barbados is the leading location for surfers in those Caribbean islands where English is spoken. Barbados has some superb surfing, embracing all the main genres, from kite surfing, wind surfing, boogie boarding, short boarding to long boarding.

Barbados is located on the eastern border of the Caribbean and this makes the long rollers journey across the Atlantic Ocean before coming to Barbados. At the time when the rollers come to Barbados, they come across many coral reefs all over the island surroundings, which make them build up into some superb waves for surfing.

Surfing is a major outdoor activity and there are a huge number of surf shops all over the island. It is possible to rent boards here, ask for guidance or buy surf gear.

The best time to visit the region for surfing is when the trade winds from the east blow, which is from Nov to Jun. However, this is not to say that surfing is only available in this period. Barbados has surfing on offer all through the year.

If you do not see any waves break on one side of Barbados, It is sure that they will be breaking on the other side.

The Soup Bowl in Bathsheba is located on the east coast of Barbados and is well known all over the world for big surf and heavy barrels. This is more suited for surfers giving a good deal of experience. There are numerous other surf destinations worthy of notice.
South Point . . .

South Point is famous for hosting numerous surfing tournaments in the past. The wave here is fairly clean as well as powerful.
Long Beach . . .

Long Beach is situated close to the international airport and is an excellent location for both kite surfing and surfing.
Silver Rock Beach . . .

Silver Rock Beach is superb for surfing as well as windsurfing and is situated in Christ Church parish. The beach has life guards on duty.

Needham Point . . .

Needham Point is situated at the Parish of St Michael. It is famous of having ideal conditions for windsurfing on offer.
Morgan Lewis Beach . . .

Although not very suitable for swimming, Morgan Lewis Beach will be enjoyed by surfers.