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Belize is located in Central America. The weather is comfortable year round with the lowest temperatures occurring in January and the highest temperatures occurring in July. The average temperature in January is 75 degrees, and the average temperature in July is 80 degrees making it a perfect vacation spot for those who love to spend time at the beach. There are many Belize all-inclusive resorts located along the coastline.

Many of the resorts in Belize are all-inclusive meaning that all of your meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price. This type of resort is perfect for those who want to experience the best Belize has to offer without carrying a lot of money. On my last Belize all-inclusive trip, I stayed at an amazing resort that offered the best food found in the country. The beaches were breathtaking and adventure was around every corner.

On my first day of arriving at one of the premier Belize all-inclusive resorts, I was greeted by a friendly staff that was very informative. I sat down with a member of their wonderful staff members and planned out each day’s adventure. I decided that the first day I would spend at the beach after unpacking.

On day two, I went scuba diving along the barrier reef. While scuba diving, I saw all kinds of amazing sea life, including eels, numerous species of fish and sea turtles. However, the thing I enjoyed most was viewing all the beautiful coral formations found in the barrier reef. As my dive was finishing up, I got to witness my first ever shark. It was breathtaking, as well as a little scary.

The third day of my trip there was a brief shower in the afternoon which sent me inside to one of the resorts indoor pools. The shower only lasted 25 minutes, so I was able to return out to the beach. This was the best day of my trip because the rain caused many to pack up for the day. I was left with a stretch of beach with only a handful of people.

On the fourth day of my trip, I decided to go visit the Belize Zoo. This zoo is unlike any zoo I had ever been to before. Instead of the small habitats and asphalt trails, the zoo transports you into the heart of the jungle. While visiting you feel like you are alone in the jungle encountering wild animals, reptiles and birds.

On my fifth and sixth day of this wonderful all-inclusive resort, I decided to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds that the resort offered. My friend and I enjoyed a rousing game of tennis, we hung out at the pool and relaxed in one of the resort’s comfortable hammocks.

This trip was one of the best trips I have ever been on in my life. This was my first experience with an all-inclusive resort and I fell in love. I am already planning my next year’s vacations, and I will be returning to one of the fabulous Belize all-inclusive resorts.