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Benin is a virtually unknown country because of its size. It is a tiny nation in West Africa that has Togo and Nigeria in its vicinity. The nation has recently come into the lime light in travel and tourism circles as it contains some of the best sights and attractions for travelers.

The national parks, museums and other locations here make for an exceedingly rewarding destination for travelers. The UNESCO declared the ancient town of Abomey as a world heritage site. The site is one of the most important in entire West Africa.

Benin has a number of sites that are extremely interesting. You will not find many facilities or five star resorts here, but if you can do without some comforts, Benin will promise you an incredibly rewarding experience.

Porto Novo is the capital city. It has a colorful history and a huge number of sights. You will find that the city has a great number of Brazilian influences right from the food, to the architecture to other facets.

Aborney is one of the most notable locations in entire Western Africa. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Dohomey in the olden times.