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Bordeaux is most famous for its sensational wine, but what few people know is that the city itself is also extremely beautiful. Apart from the famous drink, there is also the delicious food, architectural monuments, narrow streets and intimate atmosphere, which gives increasingly more taste of the city. Once you arrive here, you should really visit the old town center, since in 2005 it became part of the Universal Heritage List of UNESCO.

Bordeaux, The separate bell tower and Saint Michel Basilica

During the Deballage Grande Brocante, a festival that takes place in an antique bazaar near the church Saint-Michel (April to October), when it unfolds Girls Bordeaux Wine, Bordeaux tops them Fleuve (River holiday) or during La Fete du Vin Nouveau and antiques, a street festival that usually occurs in autumn. In November is the Jazz Festival in November Novart Bordeaux, a contemporary art festival in December is the Christmas Market.

Next, Les Chartrons is not just a bazaar as you might think, but an entire neighborhood. It is also the home for all families of wine merchants of Bordeaux, being the place where they deal with most of the aspects of their business. The rooms have rounded ceilings and basements and the wine cellars are best cared, because everybody knows that wine must be kept in proper conditions.

After tasting (because you cannot visit a wine trader and get away without even trying one of the products he produces), you will be able to freely enjoy a walk on the narrow streets paved with cubic stone and crossing the city center.

Bordeaux, Saint-Andre Cathedral and Pey Berland Tower

Another major attraction of the area is the flea market, known as St. Michel, which is a little farther from the center of Bordeaux. However, the distance is close enough for you to adventure either on foot or by tram. The richest day of the week for the bazaar is undoubtedly Saturday bazaar.

An important landmark is undoubtedly the Grand Theatre (Place de la Comedie). This historical monument was built by architect Victor Louis in 1773 and was completed in 1780. It was a perfect example of Italian theater. Today there is a part of the original decoration, the colors blue and gold marble.

One of the most beautiful bridges in Bordeaux is Pont de Pierre, which built between 1810 and 1822 after the order of Napoleon I. Consecrated by Pope Urbain II in 1096, Saint-Andre Cathedral is an impressive monument in terms of its size. Finally, in here you may also see many castles and churches that are a few centuries old.