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Čakovec town is located in North Croatia, it is the center of Međimurje County with a population of 16 thousand and double the number with its suburban areas.

The name of the town originates from the 13th century when Count Dmitar Čak erected a wooden defensive fort (known as the Čak Tower). A more significant economic and cultural rise began in mid-16th century when the town came into possession of the Zrinski family. During that era, when the town defended against the Turks, it was transformed into a modern renaissance fort with a luxurious palace.

The old town is presently the most valuable monument of secular architecture that has been home to the Museum of Međimurje since 1954. The old town is also a symbol of Međimurje’s identity and tradition.

Cakovec old town

The most important monuments in the architectural heritage of Čakovec are the Royal Coffee House and the secessionist building of the commercial casino. Besides, many other buildings reflect the history and lifestyle of the town.

The guests will also find it very interesting to see the sculptures of Čakovec consisting of a historical series of magnificent monuments of high artistic value made by famous authors, which also wrote the history of important figures to whom they are dedicated.

Visitors to Čakovec will be particularly drawn to the many interesting faces of the town – both historical and marked by famous persons, attractive as a town of culture, beautiful for its parks and flowers, and dynamic as a town of sports, various events, business opportunities and a rich gastro offer.

You will find the entire region of Međimurje equally attractive. The Međimurje Wine Road connects some thirty wine cellars and tasting facilities. The gastro offer is marked by tradition so numerous restaurants offer food based on autochthonous ingredients and recipes of the area.

A unique facility is available on Mura River – a wooden river mill where they first milled flour in 1902. The Miller’s Educational Trail is organized around the mill and dedicated to the natural and traditional heritage.

Another interesting feature is the Tradition Road, connecting a dozen workshops for traditional crafts such as pottery, wicker, wood carving, weaving, carnival mask carving, traditional cooking, river milling, etc.

The region is a paradise for bikers, hunters, fishermen, all lovers of beautiful nature and those who enjoy relaxing in wellness facilities and thermal springs, which make the basis for the Međimurje thermal riviera, including the most popular and awarded Sveti Martin spa in the Municipality of Sv. Martin na Muri.

Cakovec, Franciscan church

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