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Located on the Riviera in southern France, the city of Cannes is famous all over the world, not only for its film festival but also for the Cannes Lions Festival, which is regarded as the world’s most prestigious festival of advertising. This glitzy, upmarket city has a population of approximately of 70,000 people and its principal source of income is tourism.

It is over 500 miles away from Paris standing on the Mediterranean coast that provided the natural features which attracted tourists initially. The sand, sea and sun of resorts in the Cannes area are legendry.

Beach in Cannes

The famous Boulevard de la Croisette, is lined on one side with luxurious hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and shops selling goods at prices to suit the purses of the celebrity promenaders it attracts. Opposite the fine sand beaches are usually populated by those who like to see and more importantly, be seen. People-watching is probably the main activity that brings most tourists to Cannes! Another of the attractions is lunching but you might need to watch your eating habits, because you can easily find yourself in the background of a TV commercial or music video.

If there is such a thing as a quiet period in Cannes, it is in the winter, but once May arrives any semblance of calm is totally broken by the arrival of the Film Festival. The city just erupts and becomes submerged with wave after wave of paparazzi, following posing starlets. The whole place gets covered with film billboards, whilst luxury cars fill the roads and private beach parties take over the sands.

Then there are the famous balcony parties and private film viewing parties as well as the evening parties thrown by just about everyone striving for more recognition. The restaurants and bars are even more packed than usual and the movie fans join with the paparazzi in their insatiable quest to catch glimpses of their idols at every opportunity.

But Cannes wasn’t always like this and to get some idea of what it must have been like before the rich and famous invaded, you need to take a look at the “old town”.

This is known as Le Suquet and it overlooks the west end of the port. It is an area of narrow streets climbing steeply up a hill crowned by an 11th century tower. The views from the top are breathtaking and you can see right across the city and port and out of the bay to the Cap de la Croisette.

Looking west, the views stretch over the Gulf of La Napoule towards the Massif de l`Esterel. It is from this viewpoint alone that one can appreciate what must have attracted tourists to Cannes in the first place.

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