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Trinidad Tobago is a lovely vacation destinations peacefully lying between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela’s seashore. The islands have mild and warm tropical weather with a distinct rainy season from June to December. More information on Caribbean resorts at Trinidad Tobago and their opulent history, culture, natural beauties and stunning beaches, as well as the extensive vacation activities, are said to offer matchless experiences all year round. The local people in Trinidad Tobago are smiling and jolly, and they always find a reason to celebrate. Therefore tourists in Trinidad Tobago will inevitably witness some of the numerous festivals taking place on the islands – “Corpus Christi”, “Phagwa”, “Shouter Baptist Liberation Day”, or “Arrival Day”. A visit to the Caribbean islands is always an enriching multicultural experience as the places tend to be a colorful mixture of African, Asian, European, Middle Eastern and South American influence.

The crystal waters, the white-sand beaches, the amazing coral reefs, and the lush rainforests offer an abundance of attractions and vacation activities in Trinidad Tobago. Visitors can explore the beauty of “Tobago’s Rainforest Reserve”, hike about the variety of mountain trails, rivers, waterfalls and streams in Central Trinidad, watch the myriad of bird species taken shelter in the islands’ grassland, mangrove swamps and woodland, kayak in Godineau River in Trinidad, and Buccoo Bay and Bon Accord Lagoon in Tobago, or watch the marine turtles perform a unique spectacle when nesting along the northeast coast of Trinidad. Tourists shouldn’t miss a chance to attend some of the unique goat and crab races set in Tobago – spectacular events with cautiously selected and trained goats and specially harnessed robust blue crabs!

In order to obtain a more detailed notion of Trinidad Tobago and its magnitude, tourists are advised to join some of the enticing day trips and organized tours on the islands. One of the most attractive tours in Trinidad Tobago is the “Island Circle Tour” showing some of the most scenic places in Trinidad such as the Gulf of Paris, Manzanilla, Mayaro Beach, the vast cocoa plantations, and the towns of San Fernando, Arima and Sangre Grande. Another narrative tour is the “Tobago Island Explorer” taking visitors to the most glorious sights in Tobago including the capital of Scarborough, Fort King George, Richmond Great House, and Charlottesville. A more adventurous excursion in Tobago is the “Buccoo Reef Tour” providing a cruise on a glass-bottom boat, swimming in Nylon Pool, and exploration of the Coral Gardens and the great diversity of coral formations, turtles and fish.

Being highly-developed tourist destinations, there are available numerous vacation activities, places to visit and things to do in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as accommodation options in deluxe resorts satisfying all tourists’ desires such as Hyatt Regency and Crowne Plaza in Trinidad, and Coco Reef and Blue Heaven in Tobago. Budget-minded vacationers find also a place to stay in some of the cozy islands’ suites and economical villas. Getting around the tropical paradise is just as easy as getting to Trinidad Tobago – travelers are free to choose among the great variety of transportation options – rented cars, taxis, maxi taxis, mini-buses, air bridges and between-island ferries are all ensuring easy accessibility to every sight of interest.