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What is your opinion about checking out the history of Paris from the very beginning to the current times? You should not miss such an opportunity, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time. It helps you to gain further knowledge about the city. You can easily perform this task by visiting the Carnavalet Museum.

Inaugurated in the year 1880, this museum displays exquisite archeological collections from the Medieval and Gallo-Roman periods. If you are interested in viewing memorabilia from the French Revolution, then this is the correct place to check them out. Apart from the above, you can also gain a view of how the private residences used to look from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

This is not the end of it all in the building, which is located in the le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau and hôtels Carnavalet mansions. Do not miss the room that is full with photographs, prints, and drawings from those periods.

The sheer number of collections in this museum ensures that you shall not be able to view them in a single day. There are approximately 150,000 photographs, 800 pieces of furniture, 20,000 drawings and much more.

Those who love numismatics will revel at the sight of thousands of old coins. Your visit to Paris remains incomplete without viewing its history at the Carnavalet Museum.