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Located in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, the Chapelle expiatoire is dedicated to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. It is another fact that their bodies are buried somewhere else. The famous French architect, Pierre Francois Leonard Fontaine, designed this chapel in the Neo-classical style in the year 1816.

Tread softly in the garden area of this chapel lest you disturb the 433 graves that lie underneath. It is arguably one of the most renowned of chapels in the city. Check out the pedimented tetrastyle portico while entering this structure. It consists of a domed location at the epicenter of a Greek cross.

The entry hall of the chapel leads to an enclosed courtyard that has been constructed in such a style that it represents a cemetery. The main courtyard itself is of quite a simple design and boasts of roses that are flanked with gravestones.

Visitors need to climb twelve stairs in order to reach the actual chapel. While climbing the stairs do not miss checking the façade that are supported by plain Doric columns.

Four columns representing the Paschal Lamb, the Law of Moses, the Trinity, and the Blessed Sacrament support the main dome.

Do not miss viewing the bas-reliefs and carvings in the interior of the chapel.