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“Peek and Poke” is the name of the latest tourist attraction in the city of Rijeka. This newly opened museum of computers and calculators is the first of its kind in this part of Europe.

The people who conceived this museum actually like to say that it is in fact a retro computer club with a permanent exhibition in which those interested can come into contact with the earliest examples of the technological industry.

And this is precisely why this retro computer club also has an educational role as many young people can find out how work was done on computers in the not-so-recent past.

There are many old specimens at the Peek and Poke club such as the Apple II model at which the older generation gained their first computer knowledge and skills. A special focus was given at the museum to Croatian-produced models such as the Galeb, manufactured in Varaždin in the mid 1980s. Also presented is the Orao model, which was in those years a typical classroom PC in Croatia.

The museum currently features about a thousand exhibits – computers and calculators with a fair number of surprises among them. One of these is certainly a computer produced by the Phillips Company that years ago won a NASA sponsored competition on the occasion of the launching of the Space Shuttle, and that has the form of an astronaut’s helmet with visor.

Among the most valuable models are the Interact manufactured in 1978 and the Hektor, built by students from a British university (of which little else is known), and we should certainly mention a model identical to the one that Andy Warhol used when producing his computer portrait of pop singer Debbie Harry.

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