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As legendary as it is, the Crane Beach Hotel, belongs to a chain of resorts that’s carved a unique name for itself. Located in Crane Beach (Barbados), this hotel ranks as one of the best resorts worldwide. There’re so many luxurious resorts in its vicinity, yet it levels itself a bit higher from the rest.

The hotel is a coral residence and magnificent in appearance. The architecture is just stupendous. The primary villa is as old as the 1790s while the resort’s age is pretty old dating to 1887, thereby making it the oldest active resort in the whole of Caribbean, and operations haven’t stopped since then.

Once you get down in Barbados at Grantley Adams Airport, try taking the drive east that’s not frequently traveled. Ending your drive would place you directly at Crane Beach, the paradise you’d be longing for or at least dreamed many a nights.

The beach is one among the top 10 beaches worldwide according to some of the best magazines. Luxury is just another word at the Crane Beach Hotel, but you could still notice it to bear remnants of laidback and lazy ambience, which in a way is more complimentary to travelers who badly need that time. The suites and rooms are beautifully maintained and have a sense of elegance to it. The balconies showcase the beauty of Atlantic. The suite bathrooms laid with marble and luxurious beds is also admirable.

When it comes to dining in the Crane Beach Hotel, you couldn’t ask for more. A classy hotel, the L’Azure, spreads itself with white, clean tablecloths for cozy candlelit dinners. Michelin starred chefs undertake supervising responsibilities in the kitchen. You can also find the Zen and Sushi along with other Asian delights. Long-term plans of staying here is possible with 7 residences built and developed recently.