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Radio news in foreign languages during the tourist season Croatian Radio broadcasts programmes in foreign languages designed for tourists in Croatia on several frequencies.

A daily programme is broadcast at 8:05 pm on channel one, in English, for the duration of around 10 min. During the summer season, Channel two of the Croatian Radio (98,5 Mhz – north-western Croatia and the Dubrovnik Littoral; 105,3 Mhz – Istria; 96,1 – Split; 98,9 – the Makarska Littoral; 93,3 – Gorski kotar) will, in addition to regular news in Croatian, broadcast news in English, German, Italian and Czech languages every hour on the hour from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., and in the summer (from 18 June to 9 September). HAK (the Croatian Automobile Club) will provide reports on the road conditions in English and in German.

During the summer period, news and reports on the condition of the roads will also be broadcast, every hour on the hour, directly from the studios of: the Third Channel of Austrian Radio, RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio, Radio Prague and the International Station of Croatian Radio – “Voice of Croatia”.

During the summer, Radio Prague reporters broadcast news for their nationals staying in Croatia via the following regional radio stations: Radio Split, Radio Dubrovnik and Radio Rijeka.