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Nestled in Jalisco amidst the setting of slouching plantation estate, Cuixmala in the style of millionaire’s Moorish playground is among the biodiversity sites in Mexico. Standing amidst the stretching strip of beach, forests, wilderness, and fruit plantations; the hotel is accessible from Puerto Vallarta in just two hours. However, its casas as well casitas inspired by Moorish Palace style make Cuixmala apt for a uniquely awe-inspiring stay.

‘Cuixmala’ itself means ‘relaxing place of soul’ and this has been proven since past. This Costa Alegre boutique hotel was where once Reagan, Kissinger, and Nixon vacationed during its role of residence for Mr. James Goldsmith, a British billionaire. Today, Cuixmala is operated by Alix who is his daughter and this Pacific gem ever fails to pull tourists toward its pristine suites.


Speaking about its rooms, they are 13 in total of which 9 are casitas, while 4 are secluded villas. The double room rates starts from USD 477 with an additional tax of 28%. However, the casita charges include the charges for breakfast. Meals in villas are for $140 daily, while additional meals charges are USD 95 per day per person. Revealing its facilities, there are massages, spa treatments, DVD library, free WiFi in club as well as villas, open air grounds, airstrip, and tennis court. In your rooms, you can spot open fireplace, DVD/CD player, and TV. If you book a villa, you can enjoy in your own private pool, whereas in the case of a casita, a common pool is shared, which looks over the groves of coconut as well as turquoise Pacific waters. Above all, the best part is that there are no specific times for check-out as well as check-in; the time is decided on case-by-case basis.

The most admiring part of Cuixmala is that it is an eco-friendly retreat – thanks to Sir James Goldsmith who ultimately turned out to be a conservationist that is still revealed in a wildlife sanctuary preserved here. For the animals that live happily here, the food is directly cultivated on the grounds here or from the close by farm.
My favorite room

According to me, the best stay is in the giant La Loma, a casa that was Sir Jimmy’s own home. Its luxury seems to be so natural (I know this is paradoxical, but is true) with its carefully chosen as well as implemented design. It is well-equipped with four bedrooms, a movie lounge, an outdoor Jacuzzi giving you the dazzling beach views, and abundant dining rooms.

Tucked away on the hillside, Casa Alborada that is more modest, offers magnificent vistas of the estate. It is a villa featuring three bedrooms, sparse white luster with blue accents, and terracotta tint. The decorations include ornaments as well as artworks of not only Mexico, but also of India; which are sprinkled throughout. Further, you are ensured of best and any time service via a team of four staff who are always ready to fulfill your needs.

If you choose a casita, then you need to share a clubhouse, pool, and restaurant. From Gardenia’s and Primavera’s appealing terraces, you can enjoy the fortunate vistas.

If you are in a casa, a cook is always there to cook your dishes at any time and bring it you anywhere in the hotel. On the other hand, the casita guests generally have their meals in a clubhouse that offer a classical Mexican menu. If you are in espadrilles and linen trousers with some costly jewelry, then this is your most apt dress code. Not all guests coming here are that rich, but be as close as possible.

A majority of the tables on the villa terraces as well in the clubhouse provide wonderful vistas of the estate. If you wish, you can also go for a candle light dinner on the beach by requesting the staff. There are not set timings on taking the last orders. However, room service is only for the casas.
Good to know facts

Dogs less than 9lbs permitted at your own responsibility of food and cleanliness. Children under 12 are welcome in Cuixmala for no cost, while those under five are offered free meals and that those under 11 dine at 50% less rates than adults. Babysitting is available if two days’ notice is given for $15 per hour. As a tip, do board on its long sailing boat to explore the Chamera Islands nature reserve.