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Wine experts know that the Daruvar area is famous for its excellent vine varieties and good wine. The winegrowing tradition in this area is hundreds of years old and its history is, therefore, also very rich since the gentle and sunny Papuk hills provide excellent winegrowing conditions.

The founders of the town of Daruvar, Iassi, whom ancient authors mentioned as being excellent winemakers, knew this as well. The Romans, apart from using the thermal spa, also enjoyed the wine which is evident by the diatreton wine cup made of out glass, the imperial cup known as “Vas diatretum Daruvarense”.

Two Benedictine abbeys cultivated vines in the Middle Ages, but with the arrival of the Turks both the production and the use of wine were forbidden.

Daruvar old town

After they left and the Janković family arrived in the Daruvar region, the cultivation of vines was renewed and winegrowing flourished. An interesting point is that wine was fermented for the very last time in the count’s centuries-old oak barrels in 1990, and in 1995 the Daruvar vineyard renovated the count’s cellar in the center of the town and turned it into a wine boutique and a place where one can taste selected wine varieties. In this historical location, high quality and excellent wine varieties such as graševina, rajnski rizling, sauvignon and chardonnay are kept and every wine fan can try them.

The wine road stretches along the long route of vineyards with decorated wine cottages where you can try the wine and learn about the way it is cultivated. The road is almost 12 kilometers long and is special since it starts from almost the very center of the town, and leads through the Daruvar vineyards and passes the forests toward Petrov vrh, 615 meters above sea level, where the wine road ends. A mountain lodge and a ski resort with a ski lift are located at the top.

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