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If you are interested to view the best and biggest organ in Paris, then you need to pay a visit to the L’église Saint-Eustache. If you are interested to hear the same, pay a visit when the weekly organ recitals are conducted. This church, which was built between the years 1532-1632, lies at the entrance of the ancient markets of the city. Saint-Eustache church is arguably one of the finest amongst the late Gothic architectures.

Such was the reputation of this church that it became the location of choice for the communion of young Louis XIV. Few people are aware of the fact that L’église Saint-Eustache was chosen by Mozart, the famous composer, for the funeral of his mother.

It is said that Saint-Eustache church was plundered and desecrated during the French Revolution and for was used as a bam for a short period. However, the church, which boasts of a number of impressive paintings by Rubens, was restored back to its previous glory and is still in use today.

The front section of the church is quite sober. This is in contrast to its rear that boasts of Gothic designs. One of the masterpieces of Saint-Eustache church is its 8000 pipes organ, which is reputed to be the biggest of its type in France.