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With about 3 million people taking vacation in Cancun annually, it is sure that the city attracts most tourists than other cities in Mexico. Cancun is popular for its incredible beaches, most stunning views, plenty of exciting adventure, activities and access to very old and ancient civilizations as it has as interesting history as the many recent or modern attractions that it offers.

The development of modern day Cancun had not begun until the mid 1970’s when it was decided by a group of Mexican businessmen that Cancun has the potential of being an ideal resort town for Mexico. Prior to the development, this city was a secluded area on the Yucatan Peninsula near a wild jungle while in ancient times it was inhabited by the native Mayans and had just Mayan cities. Today visiting ruins of Mayan is a popular tourist attraction. The ancient ruins have been restored and remained unhampered for thousands of years. For anyone who never visited Mexico or viewed an ancient city of Mayan, this can prove an ideal first experience.

Many of the vacation packages of Cancun will be offering tours to jungle along with accommodation and flights and hence are an excellent way to use all that Cancun has in store. The resorts in Cancun are almost owned by native, local Mexicans and. Cancun vacation packages which can be often booked through travel agency or online includes free means such as lunch or breakfast along with an option of transportation.

Cancun city has more than one and exceptional golf courses and an entire network of trails either along the beach or through the jungle for horseback riding. The Yucatan peninsula can also be called an unbelievable geological wonder. As it is one of the flattest and least sloppy places on earth, it has an intricate jungle ecosystem and a unique environment.

The place also has its own arena for bullfighting which though not as big as the one in Mexico City puts up a great show. Apart from these, night life, dining and shopping are all available readily in Cancun and also with a huge influx of tourists all around the year; Cancun has a wide variety of restaurant options with a nice mix of international and traditional flairs.
At last, it’s up to you how the advantage of sunshine and stunning beauty of Cancun is taken, the Mexico travel is sure to be filled with incredible weather and activity.