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Faro is a town of little over 40.000 inhabitants and is situated in the Algarve region of Portugal on the Atlantic coast.The climate is more or less constant all year round making it an attractive holiday destination for early spring and late autumn visitors  seeking a cheaper and maybe more peaceful holiday. 

Faro old town, Se Cathedral square

Its airport is the hub for all destinations within the Algarve region and so there are many transit tourists who visit the town every day thus, together with university students, adding to its activity.  Its shopping centres, museums, night- life clubs and restauarants  are among the chief attractions, and  strongly efficient and frequent travelling facilities by buses and trains enhance your leisure time here.

The shopping centres offer many interesting home craft products to take home with you as souvenirs, and the musuems which show much of the ancient history of centuries of exploration by Portuguese sailors can be a most interesting, entertaining  and educative  experience for both young and old. For the more active there are excellent facilities for surfing or jetskiing or using your sailing board. For those, such as senior citizens who want a more relaxed activity many walks are available. For the younger children there are climbing challenges and if you tire of swimming in the comfortable waters you can recline in comfort on the sunlight beaches. If you want you can study marine mammal life in the aquariums.

Faro, Igreja do Carmo church

Following an active day you can pay a visit to a cheap restaurant where you can have fresh traditional food chased by locally produced wine. Or if you still have sufficient energy you can visit one or more of the several night clubs when you leave the pub. Or you can accompany your children to any of the numerous entertainments suitable for adults or children. There need never be a dull moment for anyone in Faro.

The peak period is during the summer months but because there is only slight variation in climate you can have a great budget holiday in the later spring before the deluge of tourists descend on the town or in the early autumn when the majority of them have gone home.

Faro, Interior view of the convent Nossa Senhora da Assuncao

In fact, you can have a good holiday even in the winter months, but for swimming it can be a little cold. However, if you are interested in ornitology you would be there in time to see the migrating birds going north for the summer or returning from the colder climates to escape the winter.