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This can be described as a city in Portugal that has its station in the Coimbra locale. The city, which is at the Figueira da Foz municipality, is positioned where Mondego River starts. The town is blessed with long sandy resort beaches that draw an abundance of tourists especially in the summer. The town provides an ideal place for those beach lovers who want to surf, sunbath and relax out there in the golden sandy beaches. The city has a warm and wet climate since it is located next to the ocean; it has never encountered extreme temperatures.

The city came to being when the Wellington’s army first landed at the shores on 1st August 1808 in order to fight in the peninsular war (1808-1814). The army then stayed at the Santa Catarina fortress dating back to the 1500’s in the North of the town. The name of the town, Figueira da Foz when translated means ‘the fig treelocated where the river starts river’ is believed to have been derived from a legendary fig tree, which stood at the roots of River Mondego.

Figueira da Foz beach

Transportation to the town can be through different, accessible channels passing through the city or nearby the city. Air transportation is possible but via different channel routes while train transportation is facilitated by the Coimbra-Figueria train which passes through Alfarelos. Access to the city is easy though bus services. Renting a car is also another particularly convenient option for those who prefer flexibility when traveling.

The city has numerous enjoyable beaches and remarkable sites. The city is nicknamed ‘Rainha das Praias’ meaning the queen of beaches, and without any doubt whatsoever, it has the best beaches in Portugal. The city’s museum, the Figueira’s municipal museum is another fantastic place to visit when you want to know about the city’s history as it is equipped with archaeological findings such as carpets, weapons and musical archives dating back dating back to when the city was being formed. The stronghold is a triangle in shape located northern side of the city is another historical site worth checking out.

Figueira da Foz has The Grande Casino Peninsular, which owns a palace in the town and hosts various gambling shows and dancing. Regular bullfights also take place in the summers and are worth checking out for any visitor interested any entertaining sports. The city has a fantastic beach resort and a historical town that will surely be full of remarkable memories to any tourist planning to visit the place.