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Walking amongst Norway’s fjords offers visitors some of the most unique and beautiful scenery in the world, from steep mountainsides to immense waterfalls. We take a look at some of the best places to go hiking in Norway for fantastic views of the fjords.


Cruise ships often start their journey of Norway’s fjords from this bustling ferry port. Huddled amongst towering mountains, the town is famous for its Fish Market which not only sells raw oysters but also holiday souvenirs and vegetables. Next to the Fish Market you will see Dyvekegangen which is the narrowest street in Norway at just 99cm wide.

Walking in Norway’s narrowest street may not seem a particularly enjoyable prospect, especially for the claustrophobic amongst you. However the Dyvekegangen is home to the popular Dyveke’s wine cellar a Victorianesque building which is definitely worth the stroll.

Also located in the centre of Bergen is the Witch Stone, where 350 suspected witches were burnt at the stake from 1550 to 1700. Equally gruesome is the dungeon at the Rosencrantz Tower which was used from 1400 to 1800.


The town of Voss is one of the best locations for hiking in Norway, with an abundance of lakes and mountains. It is also the gateway to the breathtaking Sognefjord, which makes it one of the best places to spend a couple of days before continuing on to visit this natural wonder. Whilst the town of Voss may be incredibly scenic for walking in Norway it is also the ideal place to take part in a number of adventure sports. Skiing, watersports and paragliding are all common in this area and the extreme sports festival, Ekstremsportveko, takes places every year in June.

When all the sports that the region has to offer have worn you out, it’s time to take a break from walking in Norway and board the scenic railway which stretches from Bergen to Flam. The railway cuts into the side to the mountain and descends 865m in 13 miles to the shores of Aurlandsfjord. Aurlandsfjord can be experienced from boat and kayak and the mountains are the perfect place for walking in Norway’s scenic landscapes.


Sognefjord is Norway’s most dramatic fjord and the area is sure to be the highlight of your hiking holiday in Norway. The fjord is not only the largest in Norway, but also the second largest in the world, extending more than 200km inland to the national parks of Jotenheimen and Jostedalsbreen. Both parks are equally attractive, and both merit a visit whilst on your walking holiday in Norway. Jotunheimen, ‘the Home of the Giants’, contains Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen, and all the country’s peaks above 2300m. Meanwhile Jostedalsbreen’s craggy mountain peaks and verdant grass make the park ideal for hiking but the area is equally attractive by boat as it boasts the largest glacier within mainland Europe. If the glaciers are something that particularly fascinate you whilst on your walking holiday in Norway then you may even want to join a glacier walking tour and enjoy a thrilling walk with an experienced guide on the blue glacier ice.

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