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If you are planning on taking a holiday this summer, now is the time to be making decisions and planning that break! France is a perfect place for a family holiday, it is quick and easy to get to, from either a ferry or the Channel Tunnel, and there is a wealth of attractions and activities for young and old alike, making it an ideal family destination!

France is just the perfect place for a family holiday, so read on to see why…

Caravan and Camping Holidays

Camping and Caravan holidays are an ideal holiday choice for families and there are many reasons why. You can spend quality time together and have plenty of freedom. For example with camping holidays, kids have fun learning how to put up a tent, you can enjoy all the benefits of staying in a campsite, and it is without a doubt the most cheapest option of holidaying in France! And remember if you pre book your tent on a campsite you will have the enjoyment of a much bigger tent than you will have been able to have brought with you in your travel luggage! Big tents have far more space!

Caravan holidays allow the family more storage space and flexibility and overall the biggest advantage is having a fridge and cooking facilities. The one drawback is the towing of the caravan from park to park but that is a small price to pay for a holiday in the great outdoors!

Don’t forget that you can also rent a mobile home or a chalet as well in a camping park. This might be more appropriate for larger families or for ones who prefer the security of a proper roof over their heads!

Wherever you stay in a campsite or caravan park your family will have access to all of the kids clubs, games rooms, swimming pools and play areas.

Boating Holidays

Holidays by boat are a terrific way of families to relax and enjoy the summer holiday. You have plenty of access to a huge array of activities, from watersports and fishing to animal and bird watching and shrimping opportunities in the plentiful rock water pools of France.

Choose the type of holiday that you wish, hire canoes or sailing boats for the day or the week or whatever you may fancy! Children will love to identify and explore the large variety of bird and wildlife that you will come across on your family holiday by boat. If you wish to bring the kids bicycles feel free to do so, as to explore when you reach dry land! The many waterside towns and villages of France come alive in the summer with festivals and carnivals so explore these as you travel by boat!

Country Farm Holidays

In France there are several options for family holidays, and one growing in popularity is the holidaying on farm estates in France, where families can holiday on a farm which offers babysitting and crèche facilities, together with all the aspects of a working farm, and children’s play and fun activities! Accommodation is provided for families in apartments on site and generally all meals and babysitting fees are included in a family price.

Beach Holidays

France has a coastline that is dotted with plentiful coves and beaches, perfect for a relaxing family holiday. The northern coastline is a very popular choice for many UK families – you avoid the hassle of travelling long journeys with your family and at the end of the day, you will be saving money! You can holiday on a budget by simply crossing the English Channel into France, and holidaying in nearby Normandy. The region has plenty of attractions, terrific scenery and a varied and diverse heritage.

The south of France boasts plenty of beaches from Saint Tropez to Cannes to Nice. There is an abundance of watersports here, from windsurfing, sailing to jet and water skiing.

Disneyland Paris

That old chestnut, we might hear you say – but this attraction will always be a popular place for adults and kids alike! The keys to enjoying Disneyland and avoiding the long delays are:

Arrive early and purchase Fast Passes to avoid the long queues on the more popular kids rides. Don’t try to fit everything into one day, if you have a few days, try and get to the more popular places on the first day! Bring your own food and drink if you can – as it is very expensive at the park! The Theme shops are also very expensive so bear this in mind – as parents you enter at your own risk with excited children wanting to purchase everything in sight!

Don’t forget to bring your buggy(ies) into the Park, as it will be very tiring for small children to traipse around Disneyland! Try perhaps to visit the Park in midweek, as it tends to not be as busy at this time compared to weekends.

Skiing Holidays In France

Now is the most popular time to ski in France and you may be put off by a skiing holiday if you have children, but the key to alleviating any of these worries is to:

· Select a resort that is family friendly.

· Arrange childcare if they are too small to ski

· Stay in a resort that is close to the local airport

· Check are there ski schools on site at the resort

· Avoid the mid February mid term or the Christmas/New Year season

Holidays For Older Children & Teenagers

The following are some holidays for older children and teenagers. Its true that swimming pools and beach play will keep the little kids entertained, for parents it’s a lot harder to entertain older children and teenagers, so here are some family ideas for such a holiday:

· Adventure & Activity Holidays – biking, hiking, supervised mountaineering and hill climbing for the active teenager. Try the Mount Blanc area of the French Alps for this type of holiday.

· Normandy has many attractions and activities for older children and teenagers. Villers-sur-Mer is a popular destination for sporty teenagers!

· Beach holidays where water sports and surfing is popular. Think of the Atlantic coast in the Bordeaux area.

· Rhône Valley area is popular for activity holidays such as mountain biking, canoeing and equestrian sports.

The best way to get around the country is to avail of a car hire France and holiday at your leisure and go where you want, when you want! So, amusez-vous bien!

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