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Tourist Attractions in France – The Dream of Everyone

France, among the most popular tourist sites on the planet, has something there for each kind of visitor seen either from the budget point of view or from the likings view. With Paris, Lyon, and Marseille; the country offers a fusion of varied experiences and charms right from the eating to adventurous ones. Not forgetting the scenery, you are sure to be soaked in the raising Alpine peaks at southeast, rocky sea cliffs on Atlantic, and wide beaches in the west. Let me tell you about the tourist attractions in France that I visited during my trip.

Prime Attractions


This is not a one time visit; such is the greatness of this city that is an easily traversable destination via the attraction of Paris Metro. We first explored 6 museums and 5 art galleries out of a total of 80 and 200 respectively using the La Carte pass for free admission. Then, on the Île-de-la-Cité Island of the 3rd century BC, we saw renovated cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Crypte Archéologique to explore the city’s past. Next, we went to the Latin Quarter over the Rive Gauche, which is the main centre of student activities with bookshops and commercial art galleries. Here, the Cluny Museum is the home to the superb medieval European tapestries along with ‘The Field of the Cloth of Gold’; whereas the Orsay Museum offers fine exhibits of 19th and early 20th century art.

Marching towards the west, we could spot the Eiffel Tower and many more museums and galleries together known as the Trocadero where the young once gather to meet. Then, we saw the rebuilt Palais du Louvre whose original was a pyramid with 673 panes of glass. Come here after dark to see it lit. Then, moving north, the Palais Royal, the Madeleine, and l’Opéra are seen; while in east is the Les Halles, a shopping complex at the junction of many metro lines where you find food fitting your pocket.

Then, comes the turn of the spectacular Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, a fantastic library accessed through a new métro connection on which one-time travel is a must. Lastly, I visited intolerable, but famous area of Montmartre, with a funicular railway on the steepest part of the hill to Sacré-Coeur, a chocolate box architectural creation. As per the legend, St Denis is believed to have walked headless on the hill and so the first Gothic cathedral of St Denis, the first such one on Earth is also seen here.


Among the tourist attractions in France listed here, this is on the rugged Atlantic coastline. Be at the Pointe du Raz and Perros-Guirec to have good time viewing the spectacular scenery. The Gauls, inhabiting since 600 BC, have built stone structures such as cromlechs, altars, menhirs, calvaires, stone crosses, and dolmens.

The place is just ideal for a beach holiday. Do not miss the Emerald Coast in northern Brittany that offers bathing beaches. I also visited the lovely villages and beaches of Perros-Guirec and Trégastel that really will make you think that whether you are on a rugged and wild shore. Close to the base, is the Brest port, a Europe’s superb natural harbor holding a 13th century castle.

From Brest, take a boat trip to Nantes for some really pleasant journey although water is not the complete route to it. In Nantes, visit the medieval castle holding the Musée d’Art Populaire of Breton costumes, a 15th century cathedral, and a naval museum. The, in St-Nazaire, on the same coast, discover the Escal Atlantic, a copy of an ocean liner offers interactive displays related to the golden age of ocean travel. Then go upstream to be in the town of Angers offering magnificent tapestries. Lastly, the Rennes city, the old capital has many sightseeings such as the Palais de Justice, the castle, the Musée des Beaux-Arts, and the Musée de Bretagne.

Western Loire

Close to Brittany, this is famous for its 190 miles of sandy beaches, beautiful mature pastures of wild camelias and roses. Visit La Baule, a beautiful town with its own summer resort offering an endless beach, giant pines, and excellent restaurants. Next, take your trip to Le Mans that is an ancient town of historic significance and popular for its racetrack.

Do visit the 12th century choir in the Cathedral of Saint-Julian along with its 13th and 14th century stained glass.


In Picardy, visit Amiens for its beautiful 13th century cathedral with distinct choirstalls. Next, Beauvais offers a Gothic Cathedral of St-Pierre with a 9th century Carolingian church that could have been the biggest Gothic church if completed. Do not miss the superb museum of tapestry.


In north, this is a popular town for its Royal Palace of 14th century where Napoleon resided with his second wife, Marie-Louise. Enter the palace and see if you can take a tour of more than 1000 rooms with original decorations. Then, explore the superb Hôtel de Ville (town hall) and a Carriage Museum. For a great pleasant ambience, stroll through the Forest of Compiègne surrounding the town.

Best Time to Visit

To visit the above tourist attractions in France, October is preferred and that even May and June is favorable.