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French Riviera is a charming and famous coastal zone that stretches along the shores of France to Marseille and Menton, and has a very rich history. Visitors from around the world come here and are attracted not only by the pleasant climate with refreshing breezes blowing from the Alps, and the great outdoors, dominated by the azure sea and fine sandy beaches, but also by the appealing atmosphere and the many coastal resorts cultural monuments in the area.

Provence and Côte d’Azur – are realms of the warm rays of the sun, transparent sea, truly “azure”, the towns with narrow streets full of fragrance and aromatic plants in pots on the balconies of houses and shops aroma of spices. Traditional local specialties of fish and marine lamb are prepared with pink garlic, olives, artichokes and a flavorful blend of rosemary and thyme, which gives them a wonderful aroma and taste.

Nice is the largest city on the coast, with approximately 400,000 inhabitants in the season, and has become a holiday spot around 400 years ago, when wealthy British and the Russians began to take refuge here. In Nice there are many possibilities for accommodation at rates close to all, fame flicker exclusive destination after the Second World War.

The Nice beach, divided between the public and the fee is “garnished”, but with gravel. In compensation, the sea water is very clear and turquoise blue color rarely found. Near the shore there is the famous Promenades des Anglais, where visitors can escape within the city, on the streets full of shops and terraces. Nice has dozens of museums (such as Matisse), churches – including the Orthodox (Russian), shaded by palm trees and small parks, then I see the windows of high buildings in Baroque style.

Nice France

Those who arrive here should visit the old town area as well, where dozens of customers are waiting on terraces for their special dishes. Being a relatively big city, it has many fast-food restaurants, but it would be a shame not to encamp at a specific one. For those who prefer less urbanized areas, the French Riviera is rich in idyllic landscapes of your needs.

If you get here, do not miss even one of the two ports, some of the most popular on the coast, such as the Baie des Fourmis. The superb sandy beaches that are located here resembles to the ones of Little Africa. Moreover, the elegant narrow streets bordering Provence houses are shaded by palm trees, olive trees and fragrant tropical flowers. Sports lovers have a wide range of choices, from skiing, scuba diving, parasailing to tennis, golf and even hiking.