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Fužine has an attractive position in a woody part of the mountainous region near Kvarner Riviera. Situated at an altitude of 730 meters and around thirty kilometers from the sea, Fužine provides a number of opportunities for a quality holiday. Fužine happens to be the oldest Croatian continental tourist location, where tourism began to develop in 1874.

In addition to swimming in the lakes, tourists can engage in various sports such as sailing, windsurfing, boat riding, canoeing, kayaking, diving, etc. The entire area is rich in clear and unpolluted waters containing various fish species, which makes it ideal for fishing, and there are also hiking and biking tracks. In immediate vicinity of Fužine is the famous Vrelo Cave. The cave has underground water running through it and receives around 14 thousand visitors yearly.

Fuzine, Bajer lake

The popular tourist train “Fužinski Cug” has recently begun to operate. Every hour, the train takes tourists around Lake Bajer and Lake Lepenica, and groups are provided with tours of attractive wooded areas and other tourist locales.

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(photo: Knezzoran)