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Caribbean island is amazing place.

It is amazing, beautiful, splendid and astonishing place. Caribbean islands are for swimming, beach relaxing, rejuvenating, sun bathing, tanning and having a wonderful stay in hotels and resorts. For details visit for the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts. Listing below some more things to do in Caribbean island:

Swim with the stingrays in the Grand Cayman:

This is exciting; don’t worry about getting sting when swimming with stingrays your wellbeing is important. Get chance to feed stingrays or take chance to stroke these southern stingrays. If you don’t feel like swimming then you can take look of these scary fishes from a glass bottomed boat.

Zip Wire in St Lucia:

It should be noted that for this activity children should be eight years and older. Harnesses, hair nets, gloves, helmets are provided for. The course will take you through the verdant forest canopy, through cable; you will be some 500ft above.

Surfing in Barbados:

Learning to surf will be another exciting to do. And if you know surfing then try out rougher Atlantic coast in east which is excellent place for surfing. There are number of classes conducted where children as well as adults can learn this amazing water sport.

Hiking through cloud forest in the Puerto Rico:

El Yunque is simply mid blowing Eco Park and one of the main things to do is walking through the clouds. At the highest mountain peak i.

e. Pico del Toro has spectacular view, follow the MT Britton trail, reach Mt Britton Tower for enjoying panoramic views. Remember to wear clothes which are waterproof, this is essential.

Train ride to St Kitts:

Traveling in trains is every day activity for most, but the scenic route of train ride in St Kitts you are going to love it. Its breath taking, best sightseeing experience you will ever have.

Paint in Jamaica:

You like painting or you don’t, but you will love whatever you create. At Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf organises a Crayola Art Camp where you can make collages, create murals and paint. Here classes are also conducted for learning oil pastel classes or learn advance water color painting.

Travel below waves: Aruba

Explore under water, beneath the waves, without getting wet, take a tour in submarine. Specially designed for sightseeing below under water, some 120ft below, see corals, mystic fishes and some sunken wrecks. If you don’t know scuba diving or snorkelling this is what you can do to see beautiful underwater world.

Turtle watching in Nevis:

Like mother hen, you can take care of the eggs of leatherback turtles and of Hawksbill turtles. These breed of turtles laid their eggs on the Nevis Beaches. Montpelier Plantation Inn is one such place which organises in breeding season from July to mid of august night vigils to look over those eggs, turtles etc.

Dive in Curacao during the full moon:

What is so special about diving on full moon and that too in Curacao is coral reef species, once in year, on the full moon night which usually falls in late September, they release millions of the spawned eggs which light up sea and cause of that multitude of fishes flocks the area.

Salute sun in Turks and Caicos:

Parrot Cay has to offer relaxing, rejuvenating and wellbeing offers for your health, as here you can learn yoga. People are taught Yoga Shanti methods of relaxing, exercising and making our body fit. Buddhist and yogic teachings are incorporated with music and poetry leaving you with such a relaxing and renew feeling.