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The Hawaiian Islands have much to offer to all visitor, but for many, it can’t be beat as a honeymoon destination. There are several islands to choose from and they each have their own personality and “flavor”. Determining which one to spend a few days honeymooning is largely dependent on the type of activities and pace the couple wishes to have.

The most popular islands are Oahu, Kauai and Maui. These three will be discussed; the remaining populated islands are Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Niihau. Except for the island of Niihau, which is exclusively private to Hawaiian descendents, all the others can be explored in a short day trip. The hotel accommodations on these islands are on the rustic side and the amenities are limited, but the islands are well worth exploring for their unspoiled beauty and rich history.

Nestled in the midst of Waikiki is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The hotel is known as “The pink palace of the Pacific” and it truly lives up to its luxurious moniker. Since 1927, The Royal Hawaiian has remained a favorite of celebrities, royalty and foreign dignitaries. The service is meticulous, the staff is graceful and unobtrusive, the food is world-class and a treat for the palate. All this is wrapped in a package of scenic beauty that would make any honeymoon truly memorable.

One of the best things about the Royal Hawaiian is its seclusion in the midsts of active Waikiki. After a day of sightseeing, shopping, mingling, and partying on Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian offers its guest regal isolation from the outside world. The contrast between the two worlds and the carefully guarded privacy afforded by the Royal Hawaiian makes the stay truly memorable. For a quick view of the mouth watering, jaw dropping scenery, rooms and activities, check out their website.

The Ihilani Resort and Spa is located on the Western Shore of Oahu. There are very few hotels in the area and they all have easy beach access and private coves. The sumptuous accommodations are designed with the comfort and pleasure of guests in mind. Relaxation, luxury and private beaches make the Ihilani one of the most highly recommended hotels on this list. Amenities include a golf course, tennis, Spa, world class restaurants and utter beauty in a tropical paradise.