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Austria is a small but an extremely beautiful country and it’s been a landmark for tourism industry in Europe. Millions of travelers and tourist visit Austria to explore its beautiful culture and amazing local places.

Austria is located in the central part of Europe, and Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland covers Austria on its borders. Although in its early days Austria was known as a central country and controlling tourism in Europe, but from recent past years it is been even more productive as far as tourism business is concerned. Austria offers some of the best travel destinations and in the entire European continent, which sets it apart from other tourist destination countries.

Aside local Austrian tourist destinations and places there some other places as well which attracts a lot of tourist every year. The Capital of Austria which is Vienna is the most beautiful tourist destination in Austria. Restaurants of Austria, Nightlife, Bars Clubs, Cakes and chocolates of Austria are worldwide famous as well. Vienna city is all about beauty of ancient architectures, building, sculptures, Monuments, art galleries and lot more as well. Other than that The Museum of Fine Arts, The Sigmund Freud Museum, and the Belvedere palace are some of the most impressive attraction for tourists around the world, in Austria.

The Ideal time and season to visit Austria is the summer season, because during that season you will be able to explore the sunny side of Austria, aside Summer season, winters are quite happening as well, because there are so many Ski Winter resorts in Austria which offer various range of recreational and sports event activities.