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First holiday in Provence will remain in your memory as a magical moment. Cypress trees shade the roads, sometimes dotted with flowering bushes of oleander, and the plains are covered with either sunflower or lavender. In here you can smell the wild thyme from the very first moment, and admire the idyllic cottages with red roofs, placed all over the place. The sky above you will always have the nicest blue you have ever seen and after you decide to pass the famous mistral, you will have to deal with a very cold wind coming from the Rhine Valley. Nowhere else in France will you feel like in Provence. This is mainly because in here time seems to stand still, with the landscapes that were regarded as an inspirational source for post-impressionist painters being situated here.

How does a day in Provence go? Here there is no time to waste. However, when it comes to the way of spending a pleasant day of your holiday, you should always include breakfast served in one of the charming cafes, a lunch that lasts for three hours, as well as a walk on the streets gravel. In addition to this, you are advised not to forget about the classic drink called “pastis” and the ball game of petanque.

In Provence you can find the best olive oil, but also the cheapest homes, with swimming pools and vineyards. The main cities in Provence are Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, Saint Etienne, Toulouse and Montpellier. The little port is also famous for the numerous vineyards that are bordered by limestone hills surrounded by spectacular rocky bays.

If you do not like the rosé wines of Provence, go above, to Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Loire Valley. It is true that the prestige of the Medoc and Graves vineyards contribute to the image of Bordeaux region, but the charm of the area lies in cities such as Margaux or Pessac, but in castles and mansions placed like a nest in the middle of vineyards, mostly built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The same is true for the Loire Valley: while a walk along the narrow streets of Vouvray is mandatory, the region’s main attractions are outside the cities. It is unlikely to reach the Loire Valley and not to make a tour of the castle. Some objectives included in the list of UNESCO, very popular among tourists are Chambord, Blois, Chenonceau and Azay-le-Rideau, which evoke the glory that once dominated the area.