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Sarajevo, nestled in a valley stretching in an east-west direction along the banks of the Miljacka River, has a population of 400 thousand. Capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina, Sarajevo is the meeting place of diverse cultures.

Although the city’s silhouette is dominated by the outlines of Moslem mosques and minarets, Catholic and Orthodox churches, not to mention Jewish synagogues, can also be seen.

Unfortunately, instead of remaining the symbol of the ability of peoples of different races being able to understand each other and live amicably together, Sarajevo, as a result of the racial conflicts in the area in the 1990’s, has become instead the symbol of senseless and incomprehensible brutality.

The traces of the devastation caused by the conflict have, by now, been effaced; however the ruins of some buildings can still be seen as a reminder.

Panorama of Sarajevo
Panorama of Sarajevo

Ferhadija Street, the city’s pedestrian mall, is today lined with charming cafés, restaurants and shops sporting world-famous brands. The city’s most fascinating area is Baščaršija, the bazaar quarter, in whose shops all the goods normally to be found in a Moslem bazaar can be found.

One of the grandest structures in the city is the large mosque of Gazi Husrev Bey, built in the 16th century. Sarajevo’s old Serb-Orthodox church dates from the 14th century.

The hills above the city provide excellent panoramic views. As some of the area around Sarajevo formed part of the front-lines during the conflict, there may still be undiscovered mines in the ground – hence one needs to be very careful away from the main routes.

Old mosque, Bascarsija district, Sarajevo
Old mosque, Bascarsija district, Sarajevo

Accommodation in Sarajevo

Hotels, hostels, pensions in Sarajevo

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ImageFoundation Land of Friendship and Peace Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

ImageGonzo Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Gonzo guesthouse is centraly located in City of Sarajevo. The brand new property which has just employed very experienced staff. More Info

ImageGuest House Rose Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Guest House Rose is situated in the Old Town of Sarajevo. From here you have a beautiful view of the Old Town centre More Info

ImageHaris Youth Hostel Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
This hostel is in the old city of Vratnik on the east side of Sarajevo and comprises of 10 beds in 2 rooms... More Info

ImageHostel & Guest House Bistrik Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Guest House Bistrik is situated in the old town of Sarajevo called Bistrik at the left side of the River Miljacka... More Info

ImageHostel and Restaurant Kod Keme Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Hostel Kod Keme is located in the oldest and most beautiful part of Sarajevo, Bascarsija... More Info

ImageHostel City Center Sarajevo Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Hostel City Center is located in the main city center of Sarajevo in Saliha Hadzihuseinovica Muvekita where you can feel the splendid crossroad of East and West More Info

ImageHostel Enjoy Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
We are a hostel with 15 beds. Washing machine available in the kitchen. Clean bathroom and shower. Balcony view overlooking downtown Sarajevo. More Info

ImageHostel Ljubicica Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Our hostel is located in the old part of the town at Bašèaršija, 5m from the tram station. More Info

ImageHostel Marin Dvor Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
We are the ideal place to stay for people who are searching for the modern day vibe of Sarajevo and its inhabitants. Meet life of urban culture in Sarajevo ! More Info

ImageHostel Posillipo Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Hostel Posillipo is located in the oldest and most beautiful part of Sarajevo... More Info

ImageHostel Sebilj Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
'SEBILJ' Hostel offers 11 luxury rooms with all necessary components and separate bathrooms, as well as a kitchen equipped in modern fashion. More Info

ImageHostel Skend Sarajevo Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
SKEND Hostel is located in the centre of Sarajevo, close to the Skenderija Centre, which is well known for its success in organizing many happening events... More Info

ImageHotel Hecco Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
The hotel is situated in Old part of Sarajevo, near the very center of Bašcaršija... More Info

ImageIdentico Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
We are in the middle of the 'old town,' in the heart of Sarajevo. The most beautiful part of the Old Town in Bascarsija! We are only 50 meters away from Sebilj the Pigeon Square. More Info

ImageKandilj Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
The Guesthouse Kandilj is located in old part of Sarajevo, in the heart of old - bazaar Bascarsija. More Info

ImageLion Hostel Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
The Lion Pansion - Hostel, a new and modern hostel, perfectly located in the heart of Sarajevo and close to the Town hall... More Info

ImageMD Apartments Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Our hotel is a completely new place for accommodation in capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina built in old Bosnian style. We are just 500 meters from the center of Old Town, on Bistrik, one of the oldest parts in Sarajevo. More Info

Pansion Vijecnica Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

ImagePension Stary Grad Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
We are located at the very center of the old town Bascarsija, just 20 meters away from the walking zone, More Info

Plavi Zamak Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
In the heart of Grbavica the previous entrance to the city you can find the middleage building... More Info

ImageSartour Camp site Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Camp site: Double room / female dorm on booking engine for 3.34 euros is a TENT. Our camp site offers both our tents for 2 persons (4 sided Sierry type) and places for tents up to max 8 tents for 2 people. More Info

ImageSartour Hostel Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Our hostel is situated in the very centre of the old city of Sarajevo & offers high quality rooms... More Info

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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