6 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Your Japan Ski Holiday

Tokyo has always been seen as a lavish city destination with its glitzy shops and world-class restaurants.  Did you know that you can also have a luxurious experience in some of the popular Japanese ski resorts as well?  If you are looking to stay in extravagant 5-star accommodation, indulge in incredible cuisine and be treated like a star, look no further than Hakuba and Niseko ski resorts. Here are six of our top tips for indulging on your Japan Ski Holiday. Continue reading “6 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Your Japan Ski Holiday” »

What to Do In Vienna in 24 Hours

Albeit Vienna begs for an extended stay, a short visit of 24 hours can account for the perfect introduction into the unique atmosphere of the city. The capital has earned the reputation of being an epicenter of culture, art, and good music, while the far-reaching, unique traditions being interwoven with the current, modern cultural scene. Vienna is a treat for the eager traveler. Follow our lead, if you wish to experience the city in 24 hours. Continue reading “What to Do In Vienna in 24 Hours” »

Living on Koh Samui

Residential opportunities began to expand soon after tourism took hold on Koh Samui. The island offers an attractive lifestyle change for many people as it combines the advantages of a tropical retreat with most of the amenities and services people in the West have come to rely on. Prices are higher than they are on the mainland, but still affordable when compared to other similar islands in the region. Continue reading “Living on Koh Samui” »

Your Best Day Ever: The Day Before a Vacation

Expert travelers have their pre-travel routine down to an art.  From packing the perfect suitcase to preparing your home for your time away, you can follow the advice of experienced travelers as you prepare for a next-day departure.  This fifteen-hour schedule covers everything that you need to do before you leave, and includes enough flexibility to accommodate any last-minute crises.  For best results, print off this list and check off each task as you complete it.  Continue reading “Your Best Day Ever: The Day Before a Vacation” »

Top Destinations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of gorgeous beaches and lush rainforests, nestled right in the heart of Central America.  It’s a great destination for budget travelers due to cheap airfare and low-cost accommodations.  Not to mention all the top-tier destinations throughout the country that will leave you awed and amazed.  To get the most out of your trip to Costa Rica, check out these five popular destinations. Continue reading “Top Destinations in Costa Rica” »

Yacht Charter in Turkey – A World Class Holiday

The country of Turkey is rapidly expanding its tourism industry as its rich history and abundant natural beauty draws more and more visitors to the fascinating little country every year. Turkey is surrounded on three sides by three different seas, while boasting a summer season that can last as long as eight months, depending on the particular region. All of these elements combine to make a yacht charter, Turkey, the idyllic maritime holiday; a world class experience to remember for a lifetime. Continue reading “Yacht Charter in Turkey – A World Class Holiday” »

Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure

Veracruz is not a destination that is popularly visited by travelers to Mexico. It is an often neglected destination. However, the state of Veracruz has a huge number of excellent sights on offer that simply makes for a superbly rewarding destination. To top it all off, the state is also not commercialized and touristy like the more popular tourist places, and the tourist hordes have remained delightfully away from here. Continue reading “Veracruz – A Hidden Treasure” »