Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and largest city, lies on the bank(s) of the Sava River, at the foot of the Medvednica Range

As the country’s cultural centre, Zagreb is well known for its museums, theatres, concerts and other cultural programmes.

The old part of Zagreb consists of three historical sections, all of which have retained their medieval atmosphere; they contain the majority of its monuments, most of which visited on foot. The Kaptol quarter encompasses the cathedral and the surrounding area which, historically, was inhabited by members of the clergy. The nobility and the craftsmen traditionally lived in the nearby Gradec quarter. The Church of St. Mark, built in the 13th century, can be found in the third - Donji grad (Lower City) – quarter.

The 18th century, Baroque style Báni Palace, today serves as the residence of the President of the Republic.

Castle Medvedgrad in Zagreb
Castle Medvedgrad in Zagreb

To experience Zagreb’s lively café life, you need to go to the row of cafés in Jelačića Square. One of the most popular streets in Zagreb, particularly with the young, is the Tkalčićeva ulica which is full of restaurants, bars, clubs and charming cafés.

The Mednedvica Range, rising above Zagreb, offers a beautiful panorama over Zagreb and its surrounds; during winter it serves as a ski-resort and in summer as a touring area.

Old Town, Zagreb
Old Town, Zagreb

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