Prague – is it still our favourite city getaway?


Prague has long been high on the list of city breaks, especially now as long weekend trips become ever more popular as we try to escape work to take in few days of culture, relaxation…and often a bar or two,  but does it remain Eastern Europe’s premier destination?

There is no doubt Prague offers it all for the city getaway,  with amazing sites such as the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square and Prague Castle, the “city of spires” is sure to keep you enthralled if you’re looking for a taste of Czech culture. And the proximity of all these great sites to each other makes it the perfect destination for a short holiday. These cultural delights are nicely balanced by Prague’s reputation for no-nonsense fun. Meals and drinks remain reasonably priced - though not as cheap as it used to be - and with such a varied nightlife it really does cater for everyone.

With the ever-extending networks of budget airlines flying from the UK, more and more of Eastern Europe is becoming accessible and you can now explore city breaks in other cities that are arguably just as exciting and varied as Prague. Cities such as Riga, Tallinn, Bratislava and Budapest to name a few, are becoming ever more popular as we seek to defy the credit crunch. The growing popularity of the Baltic States means that these cities are thriving from tourism and becoming trendy new destinations. Even still they remain a bargain getaway and provide that same mix of culture and nightlife that caused Prague to skyrocket as city break holiday.  Riga for example combines its reputation for ballet and opera with a huge club scene and numerous bars with DJ’s and live music.  Tallinn, the European Capital of Culture in 2011, is sure to challenge Prague in the coming years as it evolves into a “must-see” city. 

So, is Prague still our favourite city getaway? The numbers don’t lie and Prague is destined to remain near the top of the most popular city breaks in the world, never mind just Eastern Europe, however if you want to differ from the norm I would definitely consider these other up and coming cities. Actually to be honest, I would suggest you visit them all!