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Wow where do I start Mexico is one amazing and crazy country, here are some interesting facts all about Mexico: Mexico is actually short for its official name which is United Mexican State (Estados Unidos Mexicanos) and has a population of around 107.8 million people! Mexico capital city is Mexico City one of the biggest cities in the world.

Mexico covers some 1.96 million squared kilometres or 758,449 squared miles and borders the USA to the North and Guatemala and Belize to the South East. On the east of Mexico is the North Pacific Ocean, with the Gulf of Mexico to the East.

The Main Language in Mexico is Spanish, with people also using Latin American Spanish English and 62 indigenous languages and the major religion is Christianity with the majority roughly 90% being Roman Catholics, 4% Protestant and the remaining % others religions.

People have a life expectancy of 79 years for women to only 74 years for men. People from Mexico are know as Mexicans. Their most loved sport and national sport is soccer, in which the national teams wears their Green shirts.
Mexico has the world’s smallest volcano which is found in the city of Puebla and stands at a tiny 43 feet tall. The Volcano is called The Cuexcomate. The highest mountain or point in Mexico is Volcan Pico de Orizba which stands at 5,700 metres. Mexico’s National Flower is the Dahlia, their National Bird is the Crested Caracara and their national tree is the ahuehuete or The Cyprus

Mexico’s largest grown crops is corn and their largest exports are mineral fuels, food, livestock and all types of machinery.

The Press and Media are as in any country very important and there are only two major news agencies Notimex which is state run and El Universal which is a strictly private run agency. Newspapers that are mainly read in Mexico are Excelsior, El Universal, La Jornada, El Sol de Mexico & Reforma being the dailies. There are two main TV giants in Mexico which are Televisa who operate four networks and TV Azteca who only run two. Mexico’s national currency is the Mexican Peso.

The Current President of Mexico is Felipe Calderon. He is from the conservative Nation Action Party and was elected in 2006

For over 70 years politics were controlled by the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) but their reign was rocked in 1997 by an opposition break which, herald a one-party democratic system faade. The first elected opposition leader Vicente Fox was announced in 2000 to become president. Mexico gained its independence from Spain way back in 1810 on the 16th September.