Istanbul Airport Pick Up Transfers

Visitors to favored destinations like Istanbul may find traveling by air the most suitable mode especially when they travel overseas. One problem still remains for them that are traveling after reaching the airport for their final destination. Istanbul transfer through airport pick up services could just be the solutions such people are looking for.

Airport Pick Up Services
With pre-notified arrival, the Istanbul transfer services help visitors with waiting drivers at the airport with sign bearing the visitor’s name. Delay in arrival of the flight won’t matter since the experienced and professional drivers will be aware even before he sets off to collect the traveler. Mostly the drivers are efficient and professionals who take best care about the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Bargaining for Price
Bargaining for price after boarding is not permissible but this does not deter the traveler entering into a deal and bargain prior to his arrival at Istanbul with the transfer service provider. In fact this is the accepted custom in all such cases like Lisbon transfers, Stockholm transfers, and Istanbul transfers. Travelers can benefit from the discount offers provided by the transfer service providers.

Time Economy
Since most of the visitors on Istanbul sightseeing will opt for time economy, the best providers always take care of this particular aspect. Traveling distance of 60 kilometers in about an hour will be bonus for any traveler and that is what these service providers offer. Traveling to Sultanahmet and Taksim takes 25-35 minutes covering distance of 17 and 25 Km respectively from Ataturk Airport. Traveling to these areas from Sabiha Gokren Airport takes 50 and 40 minutes respectively covering the distance of 60 and 50 kilometers respectively. Fare paid ranges from 25 to 60 Euros.

Transport Modes
Prices for transportation covers maximum of 4 passengers per car. V.I.P transfer with luxury cars is also available. Airport coach transport for large group of travelers is also provided by the transfer service providers.

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