Istanbul Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum in Yesilkoy traces the development of flight in Turkey. The museum was first established in İzmir in 1971; closed in 1979 and moving to its present location in Istanbul, was reopened in 1985.

The museum has 15,000 square meters area in total, of which 12,000 square meters are open and 3,000 square meters are covered.

Many planes used in Turkish Air Force history are exhibited in the open area, including wartime jets, other war and cargo planes, helicopters, anti-aircraft artillery, missiles and radar. Many precious objects from Turkish Air Force history are displayed in the covered area.

Istanbul Aviation Museum (photo: Darwinek)

Istanbul Aviation Museum (photo: Darwinek)

The museum which has exhibits outside the building as well as inside also contains a cinema, meeting hall and cafeteria. Photographs, badges, medals and personnel effects of Turkish pilots are also being displayed.
Istanbul Aviation Museum/Havacılık Müzesi
Address: Hava Harp Okulu Komutanlığı, Yeşilyurt, Istanbul
Tel: (212) 547 11 00
Open: daily 9.00-17.00 except Monday and Tuesday.

(Open every day except Monday).

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