Istanbul Military Museum

The Military Museum is located in Harbiye, Istanbul, which was the site of the Ottoman Imperial Military Academy in the last period of the Ottoman Empire. In the Military Museum the great field tents used by the Ottoman armies on campaigns are on display. Other exhibits include Ottoman weapons and the accoutrements of war.

The Military Museum, which presents our adventure of military change and development from the past to the present, has a wide-ranging remarkable collection of 55.000 objects including medals, military uniforms, flags, emblems, armoured shirts, shields, paintings, some sort of guns.

Istanbul Military Museum (photo: Darwinek)

Istanbul Military Museum (photo: Darwinek)

The east wing of the museum is used for temporary exhibitions, meetings and similar activities. On the ground floor, the display of bows and arrows in the first room is followed by sections containing the weapons and other regalia of the cavalry, daggers and lancets, and sections devoted to Selim I, Mehmet the Conqueror, the conquest of Istanbul, weaponry from the early Islamic, Iranian, Caucasian, European and Turkish periods.

This floor also houses a unique collection of helmets and armor, as well as the sections allocated to firearms and tents. On the upper floor there are rooms where objects from World War I, the Battle of Gallipoli, and the War of Independence, and uniforms from more recent times are displayed. There is also an Ataturk room.

The Mehter Takimi (Ottoman military band) can be heard performing Ottoman martial music between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Istanbul Military Museum/Asker Muzesi

Address: ValikonagI Caddesi, Harbiye, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 233 2720

Open every day except Monday and Tuesday

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