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Istanbul main tourist attractions

Situated along the shores of the Marmara Sea and of the Bosporus Strait, Istanbul straddles the geographic border between Europe and Asia; one of the longest suspension bridges in the world now physically connects the two continents and two parts of the city.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

The capital between 330 and 1453, as Constantinople, first of the Eastern Roman, then of the Byzantine Empires, it became between 1453 and 1923 the capital of one of the most highly developed empires – that of the Ottoman-Turks. Today it is “only” Turkey’s largest city and economic and cultural centre – Ankara having gained the title of “Capital”. Read the rest of this entry »

Istanbul Rahmi Koc Industry Museum

The Rahmi M Koç Museum is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. Housed in magnificent buildings – themselves prime examples of industrial archaeology – on the shore of the historic Golden Horn, in the suburb of Haskoy, the collection contains thousands of items from gramophone needles to full size ships and aircraft. The museum was an Ottoman-period building, formerly called Lengerhane, for iron and steel works. Read the rest of this entry »

Istanbul geography, location

The location of İstanbul could be placed in a circle, lying roughly at the intersection of the 41 st parallel and the 29th meridian. A number of the world’s important cities also lie on, or near the same parallel-cities such as Peking Salonika, Naples Madrid and New York. İstanbul is the place where the two continents Europe and Asia. It was founded at the point where the Black Sea is linked to the Mediterranean and the islands by the Sea of Marmara. Read the rest of this entry »