Tour from Cappadocia to Nemrut Mountain, Urfa and Harran

Mount Nemrut is a 2,150 meters high mountain in eastern Anatolia. At the top of Mt. Nemrut, King Antiochus Theos of Commagene built his tomb-sanctuary along with huge statues (8-9 meters high) of himself and various Greek and Persian gods in 62 BC. This tomb contains stone carvings of gods, such as the head of an eagle. The arrangement of such statues is known by the term hierothesion.

Mount Nemrut, Eastern Turkey

Mount Nemrut, Eastern Turkey

Commagene the forgotten Kingdom

The West terrace, the most sacred place on the mountain. From this terrace, you look out on the edge of the plain of Mesopotamia, the cradle of our civilization. The sun, the moon and all stars of the zodiac rise on your left, reaching their zenith directly in front of you, and descending to your right.
Cendere Bridge is a surviving Roman bridge from 3rd century built in the time of Septimus Severus. It spans the Kahta river in one single arch.
It is constructed of 92 stones each weighing about 10 tons. The three columns, two at one end and one at the other, are 9-10 metres in height.

The Holy Town Urfa
Urfa, also known as Sanli Urfa, isa city in eastern Turkey, and the provincial capital of Urfa Province. The city of Urfa is situated about eighty kilometres east of the Euphrates River. It’s a very ancient city, for you can visit the cave where Abraham was born. Urfa is a great city where you can both walk in the dark streets of past and touch the bright future that you can see in the warm eyes of the innocent kids.

Harran, Ulu Camii

Harran, Ulu Camii

Harran is an archeological site in southeastern Turkey, 24 miles (39 kilometers) southeast of Urfa famous for its beehive shaped traditional houses.

Departure in the morning from hotel
Visit the Seljukiian caravanserai Karatay on the way to Kayseri
Tea break in Pinarbasi
Lunch in Tekir
Make a stop in Kahramanmaras to sample the authentic Maras beatan ice cream
Tea break on the way to Kahta
Arrival to hotel arround 6 pm
Dinner and overnight

DAY 5- Mount Nemrut to Urfa
Departure early morning to drive up to Nemrut for the spectacular sunrise over the stone heads and god statues of the Roman King Antiochus
On the way back to Kahta we will see Arsemia (Summer capital of Commagene kingdom)
Cendere (Roman bridge from 3 rd century)
Karakus (Monumental tombs of Commagene)
Departure to Urfa around 11 am o’clock
Visit Atatürk dam on the way to Urfa (3rd largest dam in the world)
Arrival to the hotel in Urfa
Lunch in Urfa
Visit old covered bazaar
The prophet Abraham’s cave
Holy carp pools
Dinner and overnight

DAY 6- From Urfa and Harran back to Cappadocia
Breakfast at hotel
Departure to Harran
Inner castle
Visit bee-hife houses in Harran
Visit the bald – ibis breeding farm in Birecik
Tee break on Taurus mountains
Lunch in Pozanti
Back to Goreme

Transportation by bus or minibus depends on group size (with air condition)
Professional tour guide
Hotels (air conditioned)
Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner
Famous ice cream in Kahramanmaras
Entrance fees


Accommodation Provided:
- Hostel
- 3 Star Hotel
- cave Hotels

Single Room Supplement: 10.00 USD
Accommodation Upgrade: 30.00 USD

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