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Reggae music and the Rastafarian religion, is what the island nation of Jamaica is best known for. Also, this is one of the most favorite islands with couples, who come here to either tie the knot, or to celebrate honeymoons. Some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches can be found in Jamaica, with pristine snow white sands and crystal clear waters with an azure tint. Jamaica’s natural beauty though, is much more than its beaches, lush forests, lofty mountains that are shrouded by mist, coconut and coffee plantations, verdant hills that undulate gently. All this and more, is why Jamaica is considered one of the most preferred locations by discerning travelers around the world . Jamaica is also home to the Blue Mountains located nearby Port Antonio in Jamaica.

Jamaica lies in the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, and It has Cuba to its north and Hispaniola to its east. Jamaica got its name from an ancient term that means” Land of Wood and Water”. The Jamaican capital is Kingston, and English is the spoken language over here, albeit with the Jamaican inflection that is known the world over mainly due to the musicians that have originated from Jamaica, who have been responsible for this nation being so well known. Second only to the U S A and Canada, Jamaica is the third biggest English speaking (Anglophone) nation in the Americas.

Jamaica is also the third largest among the Caribbean islands that are under inhabitation, second to Cuba and Hispaniola. Jamaica has some of the best coffees in the world, and the Blue Mountain Coffee grown on the Blue Mountain slopes is loved the world over due to its unique fragrance and taste. The Rastafarian religion is unique to Jamaica, and members of this religion worship Haile Selassie, an Ethiopian emperor from the past. Marijuana or the Cannabis plant is much venerated by many Jamaicans, who consider it as a holy plant which has unique properties and is able to heal many ailments.


On the southern Jamaican coast, the climate takes a turn to semi arid, and the shore has hardly any protection, which is responsible for darker beaches with some volcanic presence in the sand, and rocky coves.

The Montego Bay is the point at which most guests to Jamaica arrive via air, and “Mobay” as it is commonly referred to by locals, is one of the most popular beach locations in the whole of the Caribbean Sea. The city itself is rather in shambles, and a bit run down, however the beaches more than make up for this, as they are absolutely exquisite, and have excellent facilities. There are public as well as private beaches in Mobay, and the private beaches can be accessed by paying a fee, and you can lie in the sun without being disturbed by vendors and sales people.

Tourists are always escorted and accompanied all through their stay, and mostly never venture out beyond the hotel premises and private beaches. Thus it does not show them a secret side to Jamaica, the rampant crime levels. If you wish to venture outside, remember to be careful.

Crime in Jamaica is rather rampant, and is quite a threat to the tourism industry due to drugs and violence. The vendors and sales people may get rather persistent and may even turn aggressive. Do not take up anyone’s offer to guide you around. Carry your wits about with you, and common sense is the only thing that can assist you in any location, be it London or Paris.