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Since 15 years, once a year, the pretty island of Jamaica becomes even prettier when the colorful and entertainment features of a typical carnival bump the streets of the capital as well as other cities. Aiming somewhat the same as those of Trinidad, the Jamaica carnival yet has its own flavor to savor. It tends to rock the island for no less then continuous two months, which surely attracts over tens of thousands of tourists and locals alike. Bands, music, dance, events, culinary delicacies, parades, colorful costumes, floats, songs, and parties seem to pull people of all ages and believe me; this one is now a tough competitor of the heart throbbing Rio’s carnival.

Expect all the above pleasures for the Jamaica Carnival that has already started in the February. Scheduled to be terminated in mid April, this carnival is the best hot attraction to celebrate Easter in unique way; as there are many travelers who have still not seen or enjoyed this 60-day party festival. The best part of the Jamaica Carnival is that it is getting celebrated on a bigger scale as compared to gala – this is the typical trend of the progression of the festival due to which it has turned out to be the island’s biggest events.

If you are planning to go now to Jamaica, it is yet not a bad choice as the majority of the events of the carnival are going to occur during the Easter week. So, it is the Easter that brings in the maximum joy for all the attendees as well as the participants of the Carnival. So, this means that it is yet not too late! And as an easy guess, these main events will take place in the centers of the capital city called Kingston, the famous destination called Negril, and at the exciting Montego Bay – the fully blooming carnival destinations on this island nation. Considered as the most vital cultural burlesque of Jamaica, the Jamaica Carnival features mainly Reggae concerts, soca music craze, and colorful parades. Did you know that this carnival is also called as Bacchanal?

Regarded as the genuine delegate of the electrifying Caribbean atmosphere, the carnival’s reggae craze was first introduced by the late Bob Marley, which has now taken a new leap today. Besides this, you can also enjoy the calypso bands – the national madness that goes hand in hand with the Soca music as well as the Soca parties to afford a festive measure. As the internationally famous street party of Trinidad has greatly influenced the Jamaica Carnival, you will come across several Trinidadian soca performances, costume designers, and steel bands who form an integral part of the gala. So, it is a pleasure to watch for the wannabe soca artists that come from the different regions of Jamaica to contest in the Soca Monarch competition for their highly practiced art of soca and to win the prize at a regional level.

However, most tourists love to enjoy the street parade and dancing where lavishly costumed folks kick off the invigorating tone for a memorable celebration. The carnival starts in the Beach Jouvert, while it culminates by the last event of the Road March – a street parade featuring the fusion of the cultural trinity: calypso, soca, and reggae music. No matter where you go in Kingston, Negril, and Montego Bay; you are bound to enjoy the carnival atmosphere all over. And yes for children, a special parade is reserved for them. After all, this is the real Caribbean event!

As the carnival days are several and that numerous visitors come to enjoy it, do check out for the accommodations in advance. Otherwise, you really will struggle with the hotel bookings. Not only this, even the hostels go full these days.