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If you are one of those people who want their exploratory needs catered to, including the natural scenery, the wealth of the ecosystems , the rich history and the many natural preserves, then you should definienlty get one Jamaican tour guide.

There are many fun villages like Kingston, Black river, Maroon town, accompoung, Cockpit country, ochos rios, Hanover, Cambrige , montego Bay, Saint Elizabeth and many other places.

There are many experienced Tour guides, like Courtney minors who is a native born Ex United States Marine. This person knows a lot about the geography of Jamaica. He also does his work with rigid professionalism and he also loves nature. In fact he even speaks in the local dialect ad he also knows few other languages and speaks English fluently. Courtney minors, organizes small and large group tours and is by far a perfect example of a Jamaican tour guide. There are guided tours and these goes through a distant of uncharted scenic areas.

This is the third largest island in all of the Caribbean and it is also the most colorful amongst most other islands. This place has lovely white sands and there are huge tropical blooms that make this place quite amazing to look at. When you sit on the back drop of the blue mountain peaks, you would have probably adopted the home of the Rasta. It would be awesome to have a Jamaican tour guide.

This place is also quite famous as it is the birth place of Bob Marley. The musical heart of this island beats with reggae. Rum, coffee, cricket, rice and peas are all parts of the soul of Jamaica.

There are many local pastimes that revolve around the many oral traditions of this place. When you discuss an idea till it is exhausted then there would be a game that is fought quite fiercely over at the front porch or even the veranda.