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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bob Marley? Or reggae music? Or just the three colors: red, yellow and green? Well of course, the first thing you are set to scream aloud would be JAMAICA! And Jamaica does have that quality of making you wanna scream its name out loud… considered by most as the chillest place in the world, the nation of Jamaica is also a very popular tourist destination.

The island nation of Jamaica is situated in the Caribbean Islands and has some of the most scenic views on the planet. This country has Cuba to its north and is on the east of the island of Hispaniola. Jamaica has a population of close to three million inhabitants. It is an Anglophone nation, and is a part of the English Commonwealth, having Queen Elizabeth II as the head of the state.

Almost everything in Jamaica is distinct from most other places on the planet: from language to food, Jamaica defers from the rest in almost everything. When in Jamaica, one is almost certain to hear Jamaican Creole. This language is an indigenous language and is spoken by most locals. There is a heavy use of this language, which is known as Patois locally. This language is used by locals when they converse with each other. All locals also understand and speak English, though its use is normally limited to talking with the tourists. However, the English that they speak is also very heavily accented making it difficult to understand. However, the people of this nation are so friendly, that you don’t even need to talk to them to make conversation, and this is what makes traveling to Jamaica such a pleasure.

Maybe Jamaica would never be as famous as it is today, if it were not for Bob Marley, the king of reggae music. This man single handedly was responsible for bringing the whole Rastafarian and Jamaican culture to the world. His family owns a museum that has his memorabilia and is a very popular tourist destination. This is a sure place to visit if you are interested in music, and want to know more about Marley than most other people do.

There are also a lot of other activities one can do when in Jamaica, which include activities such as hiking, camping, snorkeling, horse back riding, backpacking, swimming, jet skiing, visiting the Giddy house, and swimming with dolphins, and basically anything you would consider a requisite to have a good time.

The food in Jamaica is accordance with the prevailing Jamaican food, though it is a slightly spicier version. The national food of Jamaica is the Ackee and saltfish, where ackee is a local fruit, and the dish looks like scrambled eggs. The saltfish is dried codfishin a puree of onions and tomatoes. This food is available in Jamaica, and must not be missed at any cost. Also, try out the rice and peas with coconut milk, bammy, which is similar to corn bread, the many different kinds of curried meat and jerk meat, which is barbecued meat with a special specific sauce. If you want some strong drink with your food, try Jamaican Rum, which is watered down with cola or fruit juice.

One thing that really works wonders in the country of Jamaica is a feeling of respect. Like any other country, if you are in Jamaica as a tourist, do not hesitate to thank people who help you out. All in all a Jamaican vacation will most probably be the most memorable vacation for those undertaking it and this is what makes Jamaica so special.