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The City of Koprivnica is located in Podravina region, it is a central settlement in the the region. Koprivnica won the status of a royal free town as far back as in the year 1356.

The old panorama of the town, still discernable to this day, emerged in the 16th century after the Turkish incursions into the area, when a strong earthwork fortress was built around the settlement with four bastions and four towers.

The predominantly wooden construction of the period saw the fortress gradually deteriorate, so that only its southeastern bastion and the moats around it are now visible.

Baroque period buildings are prominent and of greatest interest among the older cultural monuments, edifices such as the St Anthony of Padua church complex with its Franciscan monastery and beautiful annex in the form of the Salvatore chapel and the Oružane building from 1714.

Koprivnica Monastery of St Antony of Padua

Expanding outside of the area within the town walls, now the town core with a square adjacent to a spacious park featuring a late 19th century music pavilion, it gets its final form in the early 20th century.

Through the rich offer of the town and of its environs, Koprivnica in turning more and more to tourism, to which its points of interest, rich culinary offer and fascinating events contribute to.

There are several interesting events and happenings staged in the town throughout the year. Prominent among the numerous events are: the Podravina Motifs – an event traditionally staged in early July when the town becomes one big gallery of naive art. Let’s not forget the attractive Renaissance festival based on the history of Koprivnica, the antique automobile race and many other events.

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