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In this area the River Krka presents a unique play of nature. For more than two-thirds of its overall length (723 kilometres) the Krka flows through a canyon whose depth varies between 100 and 200 metres and accumulates into lakes which empty over seven waterfalls into the depths.

The lake between two of the waterfalls, RoŇ°ki slap and Skradinski buk, is 13 km long and in its centre is the island of Visovac, where there is a Franciscan monastery.

Krka National Park

In addition to its beauty this national park is also known for its large number of animal species and is rated among the richest areas in Europe for the number of protected birds in Europe.

The waters abound with endemic species, among them the most significant being the soft mouthed trout. The Krka National Park extends from Knin to Skradin. Downstream from Skradin, Krka creates an estuary quite unique in our parts, making it navigable from the sea all the way to Skradin, where there is a marina.

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