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Here the littoral landscape is practically in the immediate vicinity of the mountainous and forested region of Gorski kotar, the Mediterranean clime and way of life are first neighbours with the harsh mountain climate, while the world of a fashionable tourist resort boasting a 150 year long tradition is so vastly different from the simple rhythm of the island life.

Kvarner is a place where those seeking the glitter of Opatija whose tourist tradition, parks replete with lush greenery and elegant villas, combined with the 12 km long promenade by the sea, attract guests throughout the year.

Rijeka is an old town of rich history, and its historic nucleus and monuments attract a large number of tourists. Standing out among many impressive vistas of Rijeka undoubtedly is Trsat, the fortified medieval burg that once was the stronghold of the Frankopan princes, one of the greatest members of the Croatian nobility, and which now is one of the most important shrines in this country. Today this Mediterranean town, in the best sense of the word, is steadily becoming an ever more popular venue of cultural events.

Rijeka old town and port

One of them is the International Rijeka Carnival which, with its tradition of over a quarter of a century, has been ranked among the most attractive world events of this kind. But one also needs to discover the other face of Rijeka. Its modern urban clubs make the city a very popular gathering place for the young of the whole surrounding area, and their guests, where they are sure to find good fun and entertainment. Groovy times are guaranteed.

The tourist resorts of Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski, which also record a tourist tradition more than a century long, draw a guarantee for both their present and their future from that very tradition. Just as long, and just as successful a tradition in tourism is boasted by the islands of Kvarner, particularly the largest among them notably Cres and Lošinj, Krk and Rab – where the quality of accommodation is enhanced with cultural heritage, cultural programmes, customs and that ongoing mutual permeation with the unique nature with which one so easily finds unison. And one more thing – for all those suffering with allergies and all those experiencing problems with breathing, the islands of Cres and Lošinj are the ideal destination. Easier breathing is guaranteed.

Crikvenica, Kvarner bay

Only few kilometres from the sea a completely different scene awaits. The forests of the mountainous region of Gorski kotar offer a place for relaxation and recreation for all seasons. Both through the beauty of nature and the human efforts invested into new projects in harmony with nature, new and increasingly popular destinations are emerging: Delnice, Fužine, Ravna Gora, Vrbovsko… Undoubtedly however, the crown jewel of the area is the Risnjak National Park. Within the embrace of Risnjak deep forests, enchanting animal world and striking karstic forms have found their last safe refuge. Here the nature grows freely, able to follow its own rules and ignore those imposed by people.

Tradition and age old customs, cultural events and the opportunity to enjoy the peace of centuries old olive groves, or the power of untouched mountains which are as attractive in winter as they are in summer, all combine into that completely different scene, and into a new energy of destinations which built their wellness story upon that very tradition borne out by places distinguished in the circle of leading health resorts of centuries past.

Here, in the scented gardens, amidst the intoxicating fragrances exuded by aromatic plants and enchanting ambiance and nature that is allowed to be its natural self, body and soul are rejuvenated, indeed, sometimes even reborn. Adopt a dolphin, watch the flight of a griffon vulture, imbibe the energy transfused by the stone, the sun and the past into your present, into your life. And thus lastingly enriched, you are no longer the person of yesterday.