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Believe it or not. Las Vegas entertainment can be suitable for the family. On your family vacations in Las Vegas, go for the attractions that are meant for kids. Las Vegas has many theme parks, water activities and entertainment meant for the entire family.

Here are wholesome activities for your Las Vegas family vacations.

Las Vegas Wet n Wild Water Park

This is a 26 acre water park with facilities such as a 500,000 gallon wave pool, 3 water flumes, a water coaster, slides, cascading fountains and lagoons. Children will love playing and swimming in these fun-filled Water Park facilities. That would be your kids’ favourite memories of your Las Vegas family vacations.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas

Las Vegas vacations with your family are not complete without a visit to the Adventuredome.

This is a desert canyon theme amusement park featuring the following attractions: the only indoor double loop corkscrew roller coaster ride in the United States, a flume ride, an inverter ride called Chaos which is a spinning amusement hauling riders randomly through 3 dimensions and robotic dinosaurs. There is also a re-creation of an archaeological dig, a fossil wall and a replica of Publo Indian cliff dwelling.

Treasure Island and Mirage Attractions Las Vegas.

There attractions are not only top quality but also free. Every 90 minutes at Treasure Island, a British man o’ war sails into the harbour and engages a pirate ship in a raging battle. This attraction has superb special effects, pyrotechnics, and a cast of almost two dozen pirates and sailors per show and no doubt will stop any visitor dead in his tracks.

Mirage has a 55 foot tall erupting volcano which disrupts traffic every half an hour, a natural habitat zoo display housing rare white Bengal tiger, and live dolphins exhibit which will definitely arouse children’s curiosity and excitement.

Luxor Las Vegas attractions.

Luxor in Las Vegas has an attraction designed by Douglas Trumbull, creator of the Black to the Future ride at Universal Studios Florida. It consists of 2 motion simulators: a runaway freight elevator that gives you the frightening experience of falling a fair distance and a runaway tour tram in the bowels of a subterranean world. The second attraction is a 7 storey IMAX 3D theatre with a 15,000 watt sound system.

Sahara Las Vegas Attractions.

The Sahara in Las Vegas feature a car simulator ride which draws inspiration from Indy car racing. You can either drive an Indy car in an interactive simulated race or become a passive passenger for a 3D motion simulator movie race. The interactive race cars respond exactly like a real race car to braking, acceleration and steering. There are several racecourses to pick from ranging from an easy oval to a Grand Prix course through the streets of Las Vegas. Your family would love it.

Speed is the roller coaster at Sahara. It features a 360 degree loop and a scary 200 foot climb straight up a tower. From the tower’s top, you‘ll roll backwards back to the starting point. There are special electromagnetic fields which bring riders from zero to 40 mph and again from 35 to 70 mph in two seconds. Speed in fact is the fastest roller coaster in town. Adds loads of excitement to your Las Vegas family vacations.

Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

This is one of the largest children’s museums in the nation at 25000 square feet. There are 100 hands on exhibit covering from science, art to humanities. Children can pilot the space shuttle, perform on stage or stand in giant bubble while young ones aged 5 years and under can mine, build, sort and organize boulders. Finally, for toddlers who have yet to begin to walk, there are colorful and stimulating pops and toys to play with. These include a crawling structure of small ramps that encourage the large muscle development. Perfect for you family vacations.

Siegfried & Roy Show at Mirage

A fantasy story of good vs evil provides a backdrop to the various illusions. Illusions involve white tiger, elephant and even mechanical dragon. The illusions are incorporated into the elaborate production with choreography and original score augmenting the magician’s skill. The sets, costumes and special effects are beyond belief. This is indeed a visual spectacle not to be missed by the family. A must see at your Las Vegas family vacations.

Shopping at Las Vegas

Every family vacation should have some time set aside for shopping.

There are two very special shopping venues that are attractions in their own right. They are the Forum Shops at Caesars and the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian. Both feature designer shops, exclusive boutiques and specialty retailers. The Forum Shops offers a Roman market theme shopping environment. It replicates the grandeur of Rome at the height of its glory.

The Grand Canal Shoppes offer the setting of modern day canals of Venice. 60 over shops, boutiques, restaurants and café are arrayed along a Venetian Street flanking a canal. Gondolas navigating the canal further enhance the Venetian theme. The highlight of Grand Canal Shoppes is a replica of St Mark’s Square, but without the pigeons.

Bring home unique gifts as well as fond memories of your las vegas vacations.

River Rafting

You can take a guided raft trip through the Black Canyon on the Colorado River. As you travel down the river, the canyon walls rise almost vertically against the water’s edge. You can see numerous warm springs and waterfalls on feeder streams and wildlife like Bighorn sheep and wild burros roaming in the canyon. Canoes, kayaks and rafts are all suitable for use in the Black Canyon. Motorised rafts are also available and the trip takes half the time in 3 hours. That is pure fun for your entire family.

Enjoy your Las Vegas vacations with the entire family!